The Omicron Variant

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History drew the battle lines, for these two cricketing adversaries, venerated by blinded loyalist, of which greens worshiped aboard the Rawalpindi express, as blues revered their God.

So much more than a game this is, evident in his purposeful walk to the bowling mark, unescaping Sachin Tendulkar’s scrutiny. But this is Tendulkar, always of an advantage unknown- Negotiating these deliveries is more preemptive planning than playing.

Thus scoured the field he did, seeking out scoring gaps and fielding positions, suggestive of a bowling line. Then to stance, right and middle, with Shoaib Akhtar run up within his eagle eye visual field. Kookaburra seam up and straight. Rough side inside. Wide of the bowling crease. Full pitch. Then with preemptive planning addressed, effortlessly was the transition to playing, as lifted blade elegantly made contact with projectile travelling at 99.5mph. A millisecond he had, but less he needed, for before the greens blinked, the ball had crashed into the boundary.

Thus, of the aforestated considered, the unambiguous conclusion is unambiguous, the boundary realised was of preemptive 99% and playing a solitary 1%. But most thankfully, this is applicable, and holds true in all facets of life.


For the unforgettable year was 2019, when SARS-CoV-2 became part of our vernacular, preprogrammed in Squid Game mode. But of Chinese birth, albeit nomadic, the globe it journeyed, creating new bewildering languages. De novo. Novel. RNA. And WHO of concern, informed transmission transitioned exponential, underpinning our conclusion and most of the 8 billion petrified, that this virus replicates rapidly, mandating preemptive planning.

But truth be told, the little we know that’s still unknown, is from brilliant virologist of virology. Having said that, these gremlins of no brain or university scholarly aptitude, have been outwitting and outliving us, for millions of years. As a matter of fact, so rudimentary is their physiology that male/female differentiation precludes them, rather existence is of the archaic uncomplicated RNA/DNA classification. But notwithstanding their prehistoric physiology, these invisible modern day Jack the RIPper, are of one mission. Infect. Prostrate. Kill. And most certainly, in centuries gone, this was of minimal effort, hitherto the Chinese introduced inoculation, of concept simple;

Activate the immune-system with an innocuous brand of the virus. The activated immune-system produces defence cells and antibody, ready for the lethal virus attack.

Thus with vaccination, immunity is had by one, then families, then communities, then countries and soon globally. Then with a critical percentage immunised, protection is through herd immunity. And with immunisation beyond herd immunity, the viruses are with increasingly less bodies to replicate, leading to “dead end host” and ultimately eradication, eg smallpox.

But from the evidence projected, Covid-19 is playing the long game, mutating to variants and ultimately immune evasion. And this immune evasion entails the virus outmanoeuvring our vaccine immunity. But deconstructing such high science vaccines, the virus must change. Mutate. Variants.

And thus far, five have been counted, with Alpha registered first. In fact, Alpha promised little, delivered little, hence was of little consequence. In contrast, Beta is most certainly a future Viral Hall of Famer, in setting us back millions. Then Gamma, came, saw and now unremembered. By now vaccines were ahead, thus the virus called timeout. But timeout transitioned time in, for which Delta was unleashed to tap out, all and millions by demolishing our best defences, leaving our middle order vulnerable to the next bowling change. But bowling change it wasn’t, for Delta operated from the burial end, as the new bowler Omicron, the crematorium end. And obvious, with such a deadly duo, being with weak defences would leave stumps flattened, 6ft under. Thus, I once again implore Dr. Anthony to seriously reconsider and replace those PPP defenceless unapproved boosters.

But this Omicron is new and enigmatic, with the puzzle first pieces, being of grave concern;

• 50 mutations, unheard of in the viral world, with 30 on the Spike protein.

• The receptor binding domain, which attaches to our cells, is of a staggering 10 mutations compared to Delta’s two.

• It’s more transmissible than Delta, of doubling time 2 days, compared to Delta’s 2 weeks, thus less time to infect the vulnerable.

• At a minimum, equally as virulent as Delta.

Therefore, with this gloomy outlook, prayed we did, but Omicron is registered atheist, disregarded all Gods as it plummeted vaccine immunity 40 folds. So by now panic was pandemic, with genuine concern that the best vaccines maybe reduced to distilled water. Immune escape.

Thus Prof Ravi Gupta, of the University of Cambridge, postulation,”Beta was all immune escape and nothing else, Delta had infectivity and modest immune escape, Omicron potentially has both to high degrees.”

As a result, the creme de la creme of Covid-19 vaccine antibodies were added to petri discs of viruses, delivering armageddon.

• Omicron plunged Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca protection against infection to 33% with 70% effective in preventing severe complications. But a third dose, effectively a booster, immunity to infection increased to 75%.

• And PPP’s Sinopharm, J&J and Sputnik-V? Omicron reduced the threesome to distilled water. Zero effect against this variant.

Preemptive planning
But Omicron is likely already amongst us, being that novel Santa Clause, locking lips with our mommies. Thus, the inevitable we await, cognisant that with Covid-19 rapidly changing, preemptive planning is mandated. But such is fantastical, as a clueless PPP, unaware that they’re clueless, yet cannot be told that they are clueless. Thus, our recommendations thereunder;

1. Enforce Public Health Practise: This is critical, as much as it’s universal, since many are Covid-19 fatigue and need that gentle reminder. Face-mask. Social distancing. Isolation. Quarantine. Lockdown etc. Everything on the table!

2. Get the public on board: Public confidence in PPP is at an all time low, which requires communication, humility and reassurance.

3. Make Covid-19 management apolitical: Remove politicians from the task force to be replaced by qualified, apolitical professionals.

4. Aggressive booster campaign, using approved booster vaccines.

5. Protect the high-risk: This is binary;

• Approved booster vaccines



• Covid-19 medicines

Molnupiravir reduces hospitalisation by 30-50%, in high-risk persons, with both FDA and MHRA approval.

Paxlovid developed by Pfizer, reported to be 90% effective in preventing hospitalisation and death in high-risk persons, with efficacy against the Omicron. Awaiting FDA approval.

Thus, on being laboratory diagnosed with Covid-19, high-risk persons should be immediately prescribed Molnupiravir.

Preemptive pandering

But this we unfortunately face, as many countries have and continue to preemptively plan for Omicron, Dr. Dolittle and in extension PPP, remain Covid clueless. In fact, even as Omicron devastates South Africa, Denmark, America, Netherlands, Britain and 70+ countries, PPP is still performing chest compressions on a rigor mortis Sugar Industry. But preemptive planning averse there not, evidenced in the handing over ceremonies of $250,000 cheques, to sugar workers. POLITICKING! VOTES! POLITICS! The more things change. The more they stay the same.

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