PPP political doctors and the Covid crisis

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And recollection is mine, on that one of many occasions, when rebuke was Dr. Carpen for defending the indefensible-PPP Covid-19 policy. Then revoltingly, this retort was his-Third world we are thus third rated is life. Notwithstanding, these most incredulous Covid-19 disinformation would’ve been of remedial classes, had they’ve been his only life devaluating indiscretions.

For it was 2018 when clarification was sought, from the doctor of a few cardiology fellowships, on coronary angioplasty(PCI), without cardiothoracic backup. In fact, such an undertaking isn’t recommended by any Cardiology Society, nonetheless he disregards even as he demands exorbitant fees of US$10,000. Thus, laden with this inconsistency, inquisition was mine for which the good doctor tearily responded, we are third world…

But apparently of convenient third world are we. For his US$10,000 fee, surely isn’t. PPP masqueraders chauffeur-driven in first world tax-payers Range Rovers, cash purchased even as our Covid-19 cemetery was swallowing bodies, surely aren’t. Their gated community swimming pool mansions, surely aren’t. Their tax-free wages and Jagdeo’s pension, surely aren’t. Only of our lives, we are.

Defending deaths
But those early nights of Covid-19 were of fending off the virus, through Public Health Practices in, cheap face-mask. Priceless social distancing. Affordable isolation. Invaluable quarantining. And life-saving lockdown. Nevertheless, even with overwhelming evidence underpinning these practices effectiveness, PPP disregarded, with hundreds of avoidable deaths the consequence. But their Dr. Carpen of whitewash brush, set forth to whitewash the bodies, proffering the most asinine of arguments that such practises aren’t practicable in the third world. PPP increased testing underpinned the deaths. The deaths are the consequence of APNU+AFC poor Covid-19 management. Lockdowns don’t reduce deaths. PPP Covid-19 management stands tall internationally.


Dr. Madhu Singh speaketh
But that 2018 missive which caused Dr. Carpen angst, also counted Balwant Singh Hospital as a respondent. Consequently, their CEO Dr. Madhu Singh in a Kaieteur News interview, articulated her hospital’s position, even as she expressed concerns, informed by my Toronto dossier, that her cardiologist had to provide proof of interventional cardiologist registration in his country of training, while others simply self-identify interventional cardiologist, with no proof. Thus with Toronto dossier, Kaieteur News investigated;

“Based on information sourced from the University of Toronto’s website for instance, which offers such training, while a number of persons may have acquired skills to operate in a particular field of health, the nature of their training may not qualify them to function in the capacity of a specialist.

According to the University, “fellowship training doesn’t lead to certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or by the College of Family Physicians of Canada….

It was further made clear that a clinical fellowship on its own isn’t a pathway to permanent practice as a specialist or family physician.” So what does this mean for Dr. Carpen?

Nevertheless, Dr. Singh proceeded to repudiate Dr. Carpen’s assertion, that Balwant Singh Hospital will provide him cardiothoracic backup; “We don’t have any agreement in place to provide surgical backup for other centers. We do this exclusively for our own patients.” And on PCI without cardiothoracic backup, Dr. Singh stressed, “If any centre doesn’t have a cardiac surgeon’s support, they’re taking a huge risk with their patient’s lives!” Exactly the position of the Cardiology Societies!

In contrast, Dr. Carpen actions were staggering, for being 5000 miles equidistant to my boss, he with drone precision, GPS located then curiously emailed, that I’m causing his patients harm. Evidently his embarrassing attempt to gag the whistleblower, outside of PPP sphere.

Donald Ramotar explodes
Then of no activity, the matter was deemed Lazarus dead and Jesus buried, until former President Donald Ramotar undertook Christlike resurrection on March 28th 2019, in Stabroek News of title “People are being exploited at medical institutions.”

“I heard of the ordeal of a wife whose husband was on the operating table opened up. He had to pay a few million dollars before the operation was done. While he was being operated on, I‘m told that they went to the wife who was sitting outside and told her that they found another problem and enquired whether she would pay to get it attended to then or should they close up the patient. The poor woman scrambled around to raise the funds. Even though this is a Public-Private operation it‘s being operated like a private institution without any appreciation of the public’s contribution in establishing these facilities.”

“The first and most widespread of these is the money hungry attitude of many persons and institutions providing medical services to the public. It appears to some that the pursuit of huge fees is more important that curing the sick…”

“When that equipment was purchased for the Georgetown Public Hospital the discussion at the Cabinet focused on how a wide cross-section of people would benefit. It was made clear that the facility must also be used by specialists coming into the country to provide free services to children and other vulnerable sections of the society….”

“Unfortunately, I understand that many groups that provided voluntary services are experiencing great problems in having access to these facilities, which were purchased with taxpayers’ money, that has resulted in some of them abandoning their humanitarian work in Guyana.”

Political doctors
For this was articulated to illuminate the consequences of PPP Political Doctors whitewashing of Covid-19 malpractices, leaving us burdened with 1000+ deaths. And with boosters being topical, the political doctors are still active, mandating remedial science.

Why boosters?
Indeed, the Covid-19 spike protein is under perennial attack by vaccines, hence mutate for self-preservation. But most go unnoticed, except the dominant variants that reduce immunity, mandating boosting.

New evidence
For this was a comparative study, published in The Lancet on December 2nd, comparing Pfizer and Moderna to potential boosters. And the main finding was, only Pfizer and Moderna demonstrated significant immune-responses, thus they’re the only approved boosters, being used worldwide.

But amongst us are tens of thousands of vulnerable individuals, requiring quality boosters. So thereunder is PPP offering;


Certainly, Sinopharm isn’t a booster. Oxford-AstraZeneca and J&J, based on this study, aren’t quality boosters. Only donated Pfizer, of 42,120 doses are approved boosters. Therefore, PPP booster programme is of <10% approved Pfizer, with the vast majority, >90%, unapproved. And the message is clear, first world living for them and third rated unapproved boosters for us.

And obvious it’s, many of our doctors aren’t of the mantra, service over self-enrichment. For by their actions the Hippocratic Oath has been reduced to self-enrichment, at the expense of lives. And stunningly, even with 1000+ deaths, the political Medical Council has remained silent. Dead silent. Certainly, the death of our profession.

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