Ramson’s statement is not only obnoxious but provides an opportunity for conflict and discord

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Dear Editor

The response published by our prominent citizen, Lincoln Lewis, to the disgusting, disrespectful and dangerous racial Statement by Charles Ramson, Jnr. is in order and I share Lincoln Lewis’ concern that President Ali who talks about One Guyana, has been ominously silent so far. In most democratically run societies, the President would have asked Ramson to offer his resignation. Ramson’s Statement in a polarized society is not only obnoxious but provides an opportunity for conflict and discord, taking us back to the troublesome 50s and 60s, when his Party, the PPP fanned the flames of Apaan Jaat.

Concerned Afro and Indo Guyanese, I have spoken to do not wish to return to those dark days.

The silence of the President on this matter suggests that his administration somehow feels that Ramson’s Statement is in order and that their wish is to provoke Afro Guyanese.


I grew up in South Georgetown, where my parents taught me to respect and admire every other ethnic group and that is where I stand to this day. We want Peace not Conflict. I wrote the President on another matter which has clear racist overtones but to date after several weeks no response.

It was in reference to instructions given by the PPP Minister of Home Affairs, that in future batches entering the Police and Constabulary must reflect an ethnic balance.

This racially inspired order ignores Guyana’s history and the preferences and proclivities of each of our six races. Again, the President’s silence on this matter, compels me as I now do to accuse this Government of blatant racism. Apart from the well-thought out letter by Lincoln Lewis, it was the labour and cruelty meted out to the African that built by hand, (there were no bulldozers and machines) the infrastructure on the plantations.

The immigrants who came benefitted from the African blood, sweat and tears. Remember the European plantocracy made our Amerindian brothers into head hunters, paying them to catch the runaway slaves, and when they complained about the burdensomeness of bringing back whole bodies, the European plantocracy pais them money for each severed right arm of the runaway African slave.

The Indentured Labourers brought by the British after Emancipation, main purpose was to replace African labour on the Plantations. In Spite of this Divide and Rule Policy, African Leaders, because of their moral groundings, never demonstrated hostility to the other groups.

It was the African teacher who provided educational opportunities for the children of immigrants, It was the African Nurse and Midwife, who safely delivered the Mothers of Immigrant population. It was the African man who offered his life to fight on the side of the allies in the two World Wars, so what role models is this Minister Ramson talking about. The first Indigenous Bank started in Albouystown by an Afro Guyanese. If as it seems, Ramson’ ugly utterances reflect the views of the current administration, let the people of Guyana understand that we are heading for trouble and dark days.

My Mother tells me this story, the flat where she lived in Long Island, overlooked an open air wrestling ring and when the black wrestler pinned his white opponent, the crowd, mostly white would shout “oh darkie, give him a chance”, when a white wrestler pinned

his black opponent, the crowd would shout “keep him down,” because when the darkie (Nig…r) raised is hell raise. I look forward to the President, who talks about One Guyana, dealing with this Minister condignly.

Hamilton Green

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