All rise for HRH Prince Charles

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“ Young black kids need lots of examples of success. Because they need to see that there is a pathway for them to build that successful life.”

And most certainly the political objective, fuelling vexation and division was painfully achieved, at least in the short term. For it wasn’t coincidental that the platform was one of malleable Black tokens and a perpetrator deluded in being the bastion of all wisdom.

In fact, the scheming for a 7% smokescreen we anticipated, even as the Machiavellian manoeuvres for the 50 failed abysmally. And with omicron readying for an aerial assault, all eyes had to be redirected from their Covid-19 incompetence. Or, with crimes breaking glass ceilings, smashing homes and cars, necessitating a political disguise. For whatever the motivation, the racist provocateur was duly qualified to ensure it was realised- Anencephalic, of a pathological self-romanticising narcissistic personality with a blinding delusion of grandeur.

For not many would’ve undertaken a one year degree in Oil & Gas, then self-appoint as an Oil & Gas Consultant and Academic. Surely this speaks to a mind arrogantly unreal, self-importance driven, of misplaced belief that all creatures, big and small, must surrender to him. In fact, Academics are university affiliated, of extensive research and PhD qualified. But none of the above Prince Charles has, nevertheless, self-exempted he was, since royalty is he.


Education egotism
So being heir apparent to the throne, had the young Prince UK bound, aboard the Royal Concorde, to further his studies. And 4 years was his celebrated return, whence the hubristic Royal of regular walkabouts, overbearingly reminded the plebeian class that he’s of no equal, having graced the halls of UK premier universities. But a plebeian doctor, UK education system au courant, beheld Prince Charles’ puffed chest, pathognomonic of the emergency, translocation to chest of cranial air. And being of a dreaded emergency, medical intervention had to be swift and was swift- Ego deflating decompression therapy. Thence, with chest and ego deflating, the plebeians learnt that their Prince graced the basements of two UK bottom house universities.

But the physiology we must explore- With deflated chest, cardiac contractions improved, restoring cerebral blood flow to perfuse lethargic braincells, enhancing Prince Charles recognition that his law degree isn’t of minimum standard to certify as a chicken thief lawyer, with his Oil & Gas Consultant and Academic portfolio, being outrageously fantastical. Thus, a new fantasy was his to delude, imaginative of an internationally renown Sociologist.

Social myopia
In fact, our renowned Sociologist, predisposed to narcissistic narcolepsy, overlooked pervasive suicides in rural Indian-communities, during his national reviews. In fact, this has been endemic for decades, of interplaying aetiologies; educational, psychosocial, psychiatric and economic. Moreover, in the Sugar Industry community, alcohol and spousal abuse is ubiquitous, reflecting similar aforestated aetiologies. Additionally there are, high-rates of school dropout, teenage pregnancies, forced marriages, criminality, statuary rapes, poverty etc.

Crime and education
But PPP are of discrimination, evident in their unshakable conviction that crime is perpetuated by a work-averse race, thus only solvable with bullets. In fact, crime is complex, driven by socio-economic inequalities, exacerbated by Covid-19 and oil discovery. And augmenting the aforementioned drivers is an elitist education system, dismissive of the underprivileged, with most exiting schools as they entered. Indeed, many accept menial jobs, repaid with lifelong poverty, but a minority wouldn’t embrace such, hence choose death over impoverishment.

But the solution cannot and shouldn’t be through bullets, for with every extrajudicially killing, ten replacements await, since our education system is delivering them in the thousands. Thus solutions must be, providing better ways out of the poverty abyss, through education. And at a minimum, there should be financial support for underprivileged families, to enhance family time. Drives to have more underprivileged children secondary school and university educated. Policies to ensure consistency in education standards, for all schools, regardless of geographical location. For these of many, should be monitored with defined targets. Indeed, solving crime and in extension social issues, require critical and analytical thinking of Multi-Disciplinary Teams, certainly beyond PPP

Deconstructing Ramson’s black eye
And now we deconstruct Ramson’s bigotry, but prerequisite is the examination of recent racist utterance.

For it was delivered by racist mouths, articulated by bigoted tongues and conceptualised by prejudiced cerebrum, in the imagery of Ravi Dev et al, positing with anal arrogance that Afro-Guyanese are the root of all our evil. We beastly Blacks have pummelled, murdered, robbed, raped etc.

And that young-man, one of many miseducated at the dining table that Black Dogs are of evil intent, for thievery is in their DNA, thus at our highest Institution of learning, the theory he tested. For the aim was articulated with clarity, proving that Black fingers are sticky. Then of methodology, discussed and recorded with his anencephalic peers- $5000 placed on the catwalk, alone and unwatched, but CCTV by unseen eyes. And of the conclusion, we saw and were disgusted, journalised for all to view and read.

Then Vishnu Bisram united in bigotry with a cluelessly cocksure Indo-Trinidadian, to articulate that only Indians built Guyana and Trinidad. For the message was unequivocal. Black slaves, of apology Black Dogs, spent 400yrs indulging in drunken orgies. So most certainly, we’re grateful that the uneducated low-caste indentured labourers, on setting foot on our land, magically transitioned to scholarly engineers, doctors, lawyers etc, to build and modernise.

Moreover, Burnham Black and intelligent, thus their perennial boogeyman. For nefariously, he selectively impoverished Indo-Guyanese to enrich the Blacks, the evidence on full display in the predominantly Black PSC.

Then social media of feral attacks, with two of such reprehensible thinking, to have racially abused my deceased mother and brothers.

Now trending, yet cannot be dismissed, is the drive to divorce association from the Black cohort, with stampedes to neologised the phrase, “Brown people.”

So it’s in this context, Ramson’s bigoted state of mind, must be rationalised. For Indians are with social issues. Amerindians are with social issues. Chinese are with social issues. Portuguese are with social issues. All overlooked. But those Black kids, of no role models, must have the social lights shone on them, for they will continue their parents’ criminal ways, on transitioning to adulthood.

But Black role models are many and multitudinous. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes education drive for the kids of Work-en-rust, 18+ months PPP education deprived. Benschop Foundation. Additionally. Doctors. Lawyers. Accountants. Economists. Teachers. Nurses. Innumerable role models stood to disprove his racist hypothesis.

In fact, Guyana’s social issues must be placed at PPP doorsteps, since for 24 years their policies have been of self enrichment, enrichment of their oligarchs and house slaves. For the country’s collective social issues can only be solved with forthright and honest discussions, informing policies. But we will not sit at the table of reconciliation when it’s already predetermined that we’re the source of all evil. We cannot and we shan’t add credence to their racist revisionist history. And if that means the issues go unresolved, so be it, for unless we’re seen as equals, then we shall all perish as fools.

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