Et tu Shuman?

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Dear Editor,

About two months ago in the Mark’s take column, I proffered this about Lenox Shuman’s, post elections Covid-19 politicisation propaganda;

“ But such egotist shan’t be of unlimited time since historically, minions who expose, are further expose with the inevitable political throes.”

For, not dissimilar to John the Baptist, guided by the political Gods, I foresaw his demise. Then in the very column, I opined the following, that still holds true;
“And for his naked opportunism, pun intended, capitalising on vulnerabilities for political gains, he’ll forever be south of my respect barometer.”


Thus, today I set out to illuminate, rather than self advocate, lessons that are germane to political neophytes. For truth be told and was told, from a very tender age I pledged to psychoanalysed the men in suits, politicians, who abused us the poor. Indeed, childhood brought to my eyes our neglect, which transitioned to love and care, every five years. Thus the library I sought and lived, as my young eyes consumed books on politics, to better understand motives.

As a result, a fortnight past when stories reached my eyes and ears on Shuman’s political throes, I sat back with coke and crackers to enjoy the pantomime. But such political pleasures were punctuated by Christopher Jones, deserving of a Chief Whip whipping, expressing tearful commiserations to the man who vented destruction on APNU+AFC. For honesty is the best and my policy; I have little interest in turn the other cheek politicians. For the books I’ve read, consumed and live by, have opened my eyes to such a danger. But criticism ought to be constructive, thus a teachable and unforgettable lesson I will provide.

For this the undisputedly fact, Julius Caesar would have had a longer life, if it was not punctuated by men he pardoned. In fact, such men hated him, his politics and his being but rather than proscribe, he pardoned.
But those he pardoned, inclusive of Brutus, plotted his assassination with sharp knives and cold hearts. For the men he turned a cheek, saw his heart undefended and exposed, thus sharp knives were plunged one thousand times, to ensure that death visits but never leave. And as he laid supine, prostrated with agonal breathing of an exsanguinated heart, Caesar looked onto Brutus for mercy, even as he exhaled his last words “Et tu Brute?,” being of translation and question, “You too Brutus?”

And for this reason, I challenge Christopher Jones to be less Granger and more Burnham. For politics isn’t for the nice guy, since it demands a brutal and unforgiving heart, for those who attempted or wish to cause you political harm. In fact, APNU+AFC need to stop being the comforting arm for the likes of Shuman, for another Charandass of wolf in sheep clothing, they may unwittingly provide APNU+AFC political keys.
For the record will show, now of tore pages, that under APNU+AFC his people were provided maternity homes, roads, schools, internet, boats, hostels etc. The PPP did less.

But that fact the opportunistic Shuman was blinded to, as he of no protection, nakedly rushed into bed with PPP, for which loud moans have us awake and alarm.
So of the aforestated, this is my humble warning to APNU+AFC. Lenox Shuman betrayed his people, so don’t be foolish enough to believe he wouldn’t betray you, at the right price or position.
And now at conclusion, I must confess that this Lenox Shuman’s political throes I find most fascinating. So of APNU+AFC I beseech, please don’t alleviate his sufferings and bring my solitary mode of entertainment to a screeching halt. This, I humbly beg of you. This, I humbly beg of you.

Dr. Mark Devonish

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