What about 250,00 apologies for the nearly 1000 Covid-19 deaths?

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For this an undertaking of astounding synergy, that interplay between eyes and hands, in which the latter presented is the former perusal. And of the diverse presented, many transitioned to one painful headline of many-The recent Covid-19 defeated. For five and many were with double Sputnik-V, yet counted among the hundreds dead.

Thus the question was Dr.Frank Anthony’s, why death the quintet and scores met, despite being of two doses? But No-Confidence Frank apparent wide eyes, betrayed a somnolent brain, for his witless response unmasked truant awareness. For most inconceivably he held the dead culpable for their deaths, all five and more. In fact, his exact words were most regrettable and unforgettable, speaking to burdensome comorbidities, not Sputnik-V, explanatory to cause of deaths. So tormented with subliminal foolery, inquiry was made of No-Confidence Frank, if knowledge was his that comorbidities welcome deaths, why didn’t he mitigate with a booster? For with much unmissable on booster, yet the known always seems to be his unknown, a phenomenon even Pythagoras of Samos would’ve been burdened to explain. Thus with this mediocre performance of many, multifarious theories on his clueless disposition were birthed, unanimously concurring on; Remitting-Relapsing Brain Stupefaction, of the politically installed.

In fact, the death of General Colin Powell, has arisen the rested, and hopefully buried denial. For two Pfizer and four stars lifted his shoulders, but multiple myeloma, chemotherapy and age ensured, the hurdle to life was steep. Thus, in the most consequential race of two, Covid-19 and additional dose, Covid-19 prevailed with America now mourning a Statesman, a General and a Secretary of State. For being unarmed of a third in-arm, meant the General of Jamaican heritage, was in a Covid-19 battle, with minimal antibodies.

But in PPP machiavellian world, such tragedies are buried unknown, for hundreds of our Colin Powells have died, for want of a third. In fact, this was vociferously argued but PPP chose politics over lives, as a clueless Square Peg practised science at school of grey.


So No-Confidence Frank insensitively demanding accountability from the dead for their deaths, is certainly unforgettably unforgivable. For it was the Covid Clueless responsibility to ensure three approved were in arms, but that they failed, compounding our insufferable ailing and wailing.

In fact, viruses, bacteria and fungi, are of one mission; Providing us a oneway ticket to our maker. But thankfully, most virulent-human interface come with return tickets, down to a loaded immune-system.

For the immune-system, virulent or vaccine provoked, activates B-cells to disseminate antibodies, working in tandem with T-cells to neuter invaders. And of fait accompli, antibodies withdraw immune-forces to immune-barracks; awaiting revenge attacks. For this is immunity, retained attackers’ immune-fingerprints, ensuring expeditious defence.

But in the immunocompromised and some high-risk, these processes are enfeebled, rendering two doses, too little.

Booster dose
But of booster, America’s FDA was enthused to approve, paving the way for CDC endorsing vaccination schedule; six months from second dose, in some high-risk adults;

65yrs or older should receive a booster.

50yrs or older with significant comorbidities should receive a booster.

Ages 18 to 50yrs with severe comorbidities may receive a booster.

Ages 18 to 64yrs who have occupational or institutional risk of exposure to Covid-19 (eg, health care workers) may receive a booster.

Those vaccinated with J&J, a booster is recommended at least two months after first vaccination.

Additional vaccine dose

In fact, booster for the high-risk, represents additional dose for the immunocompromised. Thus of such semantics, the American Committee on Immunisation Practices recommends that certain immunocompromised persons should be offered a third mRNA vaccine dose 28 days after second, of these indications;
Actively on chemotherapy for cancer.

Bone marrow or solid organ transplant.
Advanced or untreated HIV infection. Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency disorders.

Now the scientific underpinnings we explore, of data analysed from nursing homes, highlighting Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness declined from 75% to 53% in two months.
Then a New York study of 10 million vaccinated adults, revealed effectiveness declined from 92-75 % in two months. However, effectiveness against deaths and hospitalisation remained stable at 90-95%.

Also, a study of 3000 hospitalised patients, estimated vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation was 86 and 84%, 14 and 24 weeks respectively, after vaccination.

Further, studies of transplant recipients who received a third dose of mRNA vaccines, found antibodies levels were higher after the additional dose, although approximately 50 to 70% didn’t developed antibodies.

Furthermore, an Israel study of one million mRNA fully vaccinated revealed, immunity for symptomatic COVID-19 was 75% among immunocompromised patients, compared to 94% overall.

Likewise, a study of 658 solid organ transplant, mRNA fully vaccinated patients, revealed 46% had no immunity, 29 days after second vaccine dose.

Moreover, the Octave Trial of 600 immunocompromised volunteers revealed, 40% had suboptimal immunity after two doses of either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer. Of those, 11% had no immunity, four weeks after two vaccine doses.

Significantly, an Israel study of over one million >60yr old fully Pfizer vaccinated five months previously, found a booster dose was associated with an 11-times lower rate of infection compared with those who didn’t receive a booster.

Notably, in several large observational studies, HIV infection was associated with more severe COVID-19, higher hospitalisation and mortality rates.

Finally, a Spanish multi-centre study, found that mortality rates of patients with HIV and COVID-19 was nearly twice the general population.

For the evidence paints a depressing picture, high-risk and immunocompromised individuals are extremely vulnerable, in which a third dose with a mRNA vaccine can boost chances.

Indeed, tens of thousands of our immuncompromised and high-risk are a Covid-19 cough away from hospitalisation and death, evidenced in the many hundreds dead, consequence of PPP unscientific vaccination policy vaccination. But despite these realities and evidence, PPP remain averse to reversing their unscientific policy, evidenced in their advisory that lifesaving vaccines must await end-of-year budgetary allocations. Yet out of political expediency, the sugar workers have once again pocketed billions.

The fact is, Covid-19 science is evolving by the second, in which astute leaders are proactive rather than belatedly reactive. For Molnupiravir, a new Covid-19 medicine in which clinical trials have evidenced to reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths by 50%, is in the checkout baskets of many leaders. In fact, with our skyrocketing hospitalisations and deaths, of two centuries in two months, Molnupiravir couldn’t have come any sooner. But PPP couldn’t-care-less about Molnupiravir, for thereunder is their priority;

With seven, “fully vaccinated” Covid-19 deaths in October, they’re touring the world, begging for oxygen, moaning that it’s too costly to purchase.
But of no monies to purchase lifesaving oxygen, billions is being splurged on sugar workers, at $250,000 per head.
For this is the clear message;
Our life is cheap!

The 928 Covid-19 deaths are cheaper. Sugar workers are expensive votes, thus regular billions are required to maintain their loyalty. Indeed, if doubting you were, clarity they’ve provided, no apologies will be of PPP prioritising sugar over lives. Certainly, our Phantom-2.

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