Covid deaths and hospitalisation keep rising

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To the well King Jackassery was led, invited to partake in the fountain of vaccination knowledge, but he disdainfully spurned. For this fountain of knowledge is WHO tried and tested, rehabilitative of unapproved, but unapproved remained his addiction.

Thus incentivised vaccination was delivered, in favoured cup of red, but that too was vociferously rebuked. And duly apprised of his anencephalic sensitivities, the psychology underpinning human decision making was explained, but that was unthinkingly rubbished. By now the dark clouds of variants loom large, for which the obvious was illuminated and communicated- Speak with the masses to better understand their concerns. But he heard not, for his echo chamber was of echolalia, egos and egomaniacs. And of no choice, his work we undertook, then imparted the reproducibly reliable- The masses are dying, no pun intended, for want of WHO approved vaccines. Nonetheless all he dismissed, as the most vengeful procurement crash-landed the unapproved Sputnik-V, exploding angers, flooring jaws and confidence, in all counted among the excluded.

But this kerfuffle was of the most cacophonous empty vessels, thus the bastion of wisdom was requisitioned to rationalise the irrationals, after voluminous hours of narration. Then of concluded narration, 12th century Old English Homilies were dislodged and dusted to instruct reading of a solitary line- “Hwa is thet mei thet hors wettrien the him-self nule drinken.” But reading unmasked a countenance evidencing bamboozlement, of inaudibly audible cries for translation deliverance. Thus translation of John Haywood proverb-“Who can give water to the jackass that will not drink of its own accord?”

Action reaction
But this was the concern, your concern and our collective concerns, that the Jackasseries may bungle Covid-19. For of recollection, Sir Isaac Newton the renown Physicist of Christmas birth, postulated that every action is twinned to an equal and opposite reaction. Thus burdened with their imbecilic inclinations, this was communicated to the Jackasseries but gratitude was garbaged, as King Jackassery consumed of bucketed paddy in diluted molasses.


For His Majesty was arrogantly foolhardy in conviction that he could, enforce by the whip, the masses embrace of an unapproved vaccine, then being of pseudo-surprise with a Newtonian equal and opposite reaction. But of clarification, deaths we not celebrate, neither do we celebrate the collective foolery of political buffoons, for what we communicate rather than celebrate is, this could’ve been avoided or aborted, if the Jackasseries had listened. Now for their cantankerous disposition, battle-lines have been demarcated.

Pre-mandate vaccination
For through the fairer sex evolution, amorous Cupid love we crave, but as this was sought through Valentine gifts for our better six, King Jackassery was plotting his unapproved vaccination provocation, with designated first vaccination on the 13th February. And of minimal surprise, the reluctant relegated sportsman was first in line, sweating like a racehorse in fear of King Jackassery. But being of a provocative disposition, query was made of him on prior pronouncement that he fears no man. But the curt response from the man of oil was most astounding, “That still holds true.” So on we went, with elapsing months delivering trickles of unarmed arms for King Jackassery unapproved, with pre-mandate vaccinometer registering 250,712, of monthly average 45, 584.

Post-mandate vaccination
Nevertheless, King Jackassery was displeasingly dissatisfied with the vaccination returns, thus convened a quorum of cerebrally atrophic simpletons, from which the preposterous proposition was, erect barricades at the entrances of his buildings and business, to vengefully impede the unapproved vaccine fearful. But of noticeable irony, this enchanted King Jackassery’s enchainment purposely coincided with our emancipation, primarily to boost His Majesty’s ego, secondarily to reinforce that our emancipation has been unemancipated, and tertiarily to envenomate the vaccination provocation. Nevertheless, time and bone-breaking arm twisting, saw the mandated unapproved registered 118,138 on the vaccinometer, of monthly average 47, 255.

But soon voices on the streets, shacks and stately homes were purporting that Sputnik-V was reincarnated Queen V. Certainly, this would be explanatory of King Jackassery’s hormonal outbursts whenever Subjects decline to unarm for in arm Sputnik-V. In fact, this provocative postulation is most intriguing, for such an unapproved emotional relationship has never been described in the medical literature. Nonetheless, of the Covid-19 deaths we exhumed, the pre-mandate period registered 355 while the post-mandate 321. And of monthly averages, pre-mandate is 64.5 while post-mandate 128.4.

Turnaround Specialist
But even with countrywide malodorous Covid-19 putrefaction, King Jackassery maintained a tragic indifference to Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths, while being inexplicable engrossed with Covid-19 unapproved vaccination numbers. So out of concern, his advisers counselled on the dangers of such a transfixion, at the expense of hospitalisations and deaths. In fact, their argument was irrefutable, his numbers policy is gifting undertakers more burying, banking and bloated accounts to cash purchase swimming pool mansions, in his Pradoville. And of this fear, job adverts for a Turnaround Specialist was published in the PPP media.

But King Jackassery was for the most part dismissive of the applications, hitherto this application landed on his Royal Desk. In fact, the contents of the aforestated application had us rationals rolling with uncontrollable laughter. For it was an embarrassing amalgamation of the delusional and rum-shop boast, where said applicant’s CV spoke to counselling G8 leaders in Gordon Brown and Barack Obama on turnaround strategies for the 2007-2008 Global financial crisis.

Notwithstanding, the gobsmacked King Jackassery, a lifelong swallower, swallowed hook, line and sinker, turning a blind-eye to the astronomical Covid-19 deaths, in appointing the Turnaround Specialist to first reincarnate a rigor mortis Sugar Industry. But a year and counting with billions injected, the Sugar Industry is performing no better than an azoospermic- Nothing to show despite fertile ground.

Nonetheless, despite the Turnaround Specialist Sugar Industry abysmal failure, King Jackassery tasked him with turning around the Covid-19 trends. As would be expected, his results were scarier than a dark night in a morgue, where September registered 250% increase in Covid-19 deaths with October being of a similar ghastly trajectory.

But of recollection, we were advised and certainly believed that vaccination serves to decrease deaths and hospitalisations. In fact, PPP deaths pre-mandate average 64.5 per month while post-mandate skyrocketed to 128.4. And with these numbers, it’s impossible to arrive at any other conclusion than PPP vaccine mandate, is anything but an colossal failure. PPP restrictive and undemocratic mandate has only returned an insignificant 3.7% increase in first-time vaccinations but a 100% increase in deaths. Mind you, PPP did inanely reject incentivised vaccination. Rubbished the psychology underpinning human decision making in the context of Covid-19 vaccination. Listened to their echo-chamber rather than the masses. Disregarded WHO in procuring Sputnik-V. Certainly, for their business associates this represents PPP annus mirabilis, but for us, our annus horribilis.

Rewarding failures
But most depressing, despite the advisers failures.

Despite the Turnaround Specialist failures.

Despite King Jackassery’s failures.

Despite PPP failures.

Covid-19 deaths are being buried at their media houses, even as front pages are emblazoned with headlines, “NATIONAL VACCINATION WINNING.” Like if that matters when hospitalisations and deaths are skyrocketing.


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