Bartician secures scholarship through Broomes Foundation to attend technical Institute

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By Svetlana Marshall

A 19-year-old Bartician is well on his way to acquiring the requisite skills and knowledge needed to become a welder and fabricator after securing a scholarship from the Broomes Foundation to attend the Government Technical Institute (GTU).

Under the Broomes Foundation Scholarship Programme, 19-year-old Shadrach Singh would have all fees associated with the Welding Programme paid in full. Additionally, he is being provided with housing, meals, and transportation while studying in the capital city – Georgetown.

In an interview with Village Voice News, Singh said he is appreciative of the opportunity he has been granted to pursue tertiary education at the technical institute. “It is great to know that there are people out here who can help us fulfill our dreams and do great things,” he said.


Singh said as a child he aspired to be a doctor but he developed a love for welding after successfully completing his Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations at the Three Miles Secondary School. He explained that after leaving secondary school, he was home having not secured a job. However, his cousin introduced him to welding. “My cousin took me to a workshop, where he worked and there, I learnt how to weld over a period of five months,” he said

Singh said during one of Broomes’ visit to Bartica, she asked him if he was interested in developing his skills at the technical institute in the city, and without hesitation, he responded in the positive. Broomes have known Singh since he was a toddler.

Subsequent to their discussion, Singh submitted his application to GTI and was accepted. He has already commenced training at the technical institute.

“There is market, the world needs welders, and I will be more than willing to serve my country,” he posited while disclosing his plans to open his own workshop in the future.

In addition to the Broomes Foundation, Singh also expressed gratitude his mother, who single handedly raised him. “She was always supportive,” he said.

Founder of the Broomes Foundation, Simona Broomes said the family organisation has been offering critical support to a number of young people, and Singh is just one of many beneficiaries. “We’ve given out 150 small tablets and 50 lap tops to the senior students; we’ve also been providing grants and scholarships to young people,” Broomes disclosed.

Broomes said when the Government through the Education Ministry was forced to close the doors of schools across the country and resort to virtual learning, the foundation paid for internet service to be provided to a number of children whose parents could not afford internet.

She said in celebration of her birth anniversary later this month, the foundation will be giving out additional financial grants to support young people in business. “We have been working with young people, and we will continue to work with young people to ensure their dreams are fulfilled,” she said. The Broomes Foundation has worked with several prisoners and ex-prisons with the aim of changing their lives for the better.

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