Democracy, Dollars or Dominance?

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Of democracy they speaketh but knoweth not, nonetheless vociferously they assert fractured democracy from 1964-1992. But of their undemocratic acts, myopic lenses they prescribed, with tongues conveniently muted for 2020-2021, 1997 and 23 murderous years. Thus of their silence we will explore and expose, through comparative Covid vaccination attitudes of America, Britain and Guyana.

Trump’s America
And of 45 we shall first speak, in whom limitations in comportment and compartments are most evident in intellect and intelligence. But notwithstanding aforestated limitations, he masterly tapped into those xenophobic and racist insecurities, for which their jaundiced eyes visualised Brown as evil. Black as narcotics. Mexicans as rapist. Muslims as terrorist. Thus in him, their faith resided and died, to Make America White Again. But that was humiliatingly rejected and relegated, birthing an insurrectionist who departed under a dark cloud- Make Americans Graves Again. For his Covid came, saw and took 400K+ lives.

Then operation warp speed, his brainchild and last hope, he inexplicably warped, enabling his MAGA conspiracists to maligned the delivered vaccines as demons in syringes. But notwithstanding voluminous evidence, that could’ve convicted the innocent, they remained irreversibly paranoid of Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. Nevertheless, inexplicably the pharmacies they flocked and blocked, seeking malaria medicine of generic hydroxychloroquine. Then most astonishingly, all they embraced and engorged until ivermectin became the new infatuation. Now of unquenchable nematodes, ivermectin they consumed like tic tacs, depleting multiple times, repleted pharmacies. But such depletions shan’t stop them, for the veterinary pharmacies they next overran, sniffing out the potent horse ivermectin. And with the horse ivermectin delivered in hand, they were delivered to the Emergency Rooms.

Biden’s America
Consequently, Biden was unenviably burdened with Trump’s troubles and troublemakers. Nonetheless, he coaxed and incentivised but with minimal success on account of an impenetrable wall, not of the Donald-Mexico delusion, but of the Donald-vaccine hesitant. For the very anti-vaxxers who were counted herd-immune of childhood maladies through vaccinations, are now in fear of Covid vaccines which will apparently reopen eyes to the true meaning of the acronymous acrimonious MAGA, Make Americans Goons Again.


And of them Biden queried, “America America why has thou forsaken me?” For many answered and he listened. The EUA, Emergency Use Approval is of much angst, for suspicious we’re of the approval process. And once listened, he spoked to those with ears- Full approval soon. But the FDA was burdened with 6 million pages of Pfizer data, rescuable only with Adam Smith’s division of labour. So officiously I recommended, endorsed and refereed Dr. Leslie Ramsammy’s PPP team of vaccine approval “specialists,” who with two pages read of a journal could deliver such an approval in minutes. But America rejected and rebuked in strong worded, “You keep your simpletons. We keep our scientists.” Thus months was the agony for the day, date and deliverance. And of white smoke released, Pfizer transitioned emergency to full, energising statisticians with pens and calculators. But their wait and weight was of 9.58s, since with Pfizer’s fully approved, Biden was rewarded 17% increase in first vaccination.

Boris’ Britain
Indeed undeniably, in our world of political dictators and Covid clueless, this is unheard of- Britain is undertaking a six weeks consultation to inform mandating Covid vaccines for Health and Social Care Professionals, along with service users.

But being consultation neophytes, it’s semantics must be deconstructed for which thankfully the Oxford dictionary of definition speaks to, “The action or process of formally consulting or discussing.” And contextualising, this would’ve all our stakeholders debating and discussing with the most dignified mannerism.
Notability, no one is locked out of hospital gates. No one is disparaged being worse than Covid.

No one is facing and fearful of the big sticks.

No one dies at hospital gates for want of PPP certificates.

For this will be an inclusive, intellectual and professional discussion, examining the evidence, the concerns and the underpinnings of the unvaccinated.

PPP Guyana
But that’s not of the PPP clueless who epitomises the dangers of too little brain but too much power. For despite cognitively deprived, they’ve arrogantly self deified Gods, Demigods and Supergods.

Thus with impending vaccination, begging bowls were of experimental and unapproved vaccines, in which the masses certainly objected. But the masses of no dollars weren’t given an ear, even as they maximised the experimental and unapproved with more experimental and unapproved. So of frustration, the masses of no dollars escalated objections, providing clarity, “We’ll unarm for in arm WHO approved” Indeed, the message is as clear as a summer’s day- Provide us WHO vaccines and we’ll provide our arms.
But the self-deified Gods, Demigods and Supergods shan’t tolerate such insubordination, thus for their slave whips and Government buildings barricades they went, while foolishly overstepping the civilise alternatives of Boris or Biden. For of limited neurons, they failed to correlate Americans’ full vaccine approval demands, Biden delivering, then 17% increase in first vaccination. Indeed, for such perennially gross incompetence their shackling methodology, which should’ve long died with slavery, is on the ventilator. Now many are of thought, what’s next having made their nuclear option, the first option?
But to Biden, of stuttering tongue and brain of neurons, we must revisit. For being of neurons he ensured wriggle room in employing a conciliatory Covid vaccine strategy, with the nuclear option being of last resort. And that surely was intent on bringing the populace on his side, evident with 70% embracing it and him. But had he triggered his nuclear option at outset, he would’ve alienated many, landing his strategy in the crematorium and his Presidency in another crisis. For this should be of note to PPP.
In fact, even of bungling Boris much could be learnt. For his Covid leadership wasn’t of slave whips and Government building barricades, rather it was underpinned by charisma, consultation and compromise. For the slavery they’ve long abolished, PPP resurrected.

Thus, this summa of Biden’s Covid vaccine chronology should be of aide-memoire to PPP. Firstly he appealed to their human side, listened then satisfied their demand. Incentivising followed as he continued to listen while appealing to their human-side. Thus the nuclear option remain just an option.

Democracy, Dollars or Dominance?
Indeed, evident it’s where democracy is within and without. For being birthed of the undemocratic Trump, undemocratic inclinations we anticipated. Thus, no consultation with predisposition for the slave whip, isn’t of surprise. And even the stubborn ear of the PPP Pharaohs to the masses plea for WHO vaccines, isn’t of surprise. Now the consequences of their highhandedness, 690+ of us not them, are numbered RIP. And undoubtedly, this evidenced that they aren’t of democracy, for democracy we surely haven’t seen. In fact, what we’ve seen, certainly confirmed long held suspicions-The self-appointed democracy fighters aren’t of democracy, rather they’re of dollars and dominance. For visible with clarity from outer space is the severe stresses and fractures inflicted on our democracy, yet the Democracy Fraudsters are of no response.

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