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Dr. Margot Gage Witvliet suffered from the coronavirus (COVID-19) for one year. She said the virus “almost killed [her] several times.” Her symptoms “were a mile long”yet no one believed her when she said she had COVID which landed her in the Emergency Room several times. Instead, she was diagnosed with other ailments and prescribed treatment not relating to her illness.
The fact that repeated tests came back negative the doctors ignored the possibility of a false negative which she was trying to point out. As practitioners continued to think she was not a COVID-19 patient her body was being ravished by the disease and other illnesses. Margot said she developed neurological symptoms and a whole host of other health challenges from not having the appropriate treatment.
Listen to her share her horror story of not being listened to, of not being properly diagnosed, the isolation and pains she felt, and the consequences of the misdiagnoses which resulted in her not getting the proper care. She is also advocating for a better approach in listening to patients, treating persons infected with the virus, and getting the care they need.


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