RDC, NDC and Municipality Councillors are elected officials just like Parliamentarians

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Dear Editor,
It was brought to my attention yesterday that elected officials of the Regional Democratic Council for Region Three were hampered from attending the statutory meeting of the Council all because they were not fully vaccinated. I was told that it was the Regional Chairman, Mr. Inshaan Ayube who gave the order which led to councillors being locked out of the RDC compound.

But after I communicated with him in an attempt to seek clarity, I was told that it is the Regional Executive Officer Jagnarine Somwar who gave the orders.

Editor, I have no time to go around in a circle with these installed people and their doll house politics but the action of the RDC Region Three yesterday to continue with a statutory meeting of the council where ELECTED COUNCILLORS were forcefully blocked from attending is a travesty on our democracy. That entire statutory meeting should be nullified and whoever was the individual that attempted to destroy a guardrail of our democracy must be held accountable for their out of order action.

May I remind the public that Parliamentarians cannot be hampered from attending sittings of the National Assembly or meetings of committees of the National Assembly and anyone who attempts to hamper a Parliamentarian can be held in contempt. This is not a ‘wishy washy’ privilege of MPs but one that adds to the foundation of our democracy. MPs are elected officials of the nation and their presence and vote are that of the country in the house. It must reflect the will of all and not be derailed. The same principle applies to Regional Councillors and NDC Councillors. Atleast that is common sense to me.


Editor, if there is a law that speaks otherwise to this position of mine, I shall be guided. I call on the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Mohabir Anil Nandlall to clarify for our country’s benefit.

Yours sincerely
Hon. Ganesh Mahipaul, M.P.

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