Growing disquiet in society

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There is growing disquiet in society. People are out on the streets protesting for various reasons, none of which could be ignored by the government and other interest groups. Protest sends a message of disquiet over a situation and the felt need of the affected to bring attention to their problem in the hope of getting attention and resolution.

The locked out of government places by government workers have seen protestation by the affected and supporters of their cause. Yesterday workers of the Linden Hospital Complex, who were said not to have the COVID-19 vaccine, were locked out from their workplace. This has sparked a protest about whether the decision by the management was right or wrong. Additionally, the hospital turned away a sick child (baby) in the arms of her parents seeking care. That child was refused care because it was said his/her parents were not vaccinated.

Some government workers elsewhere were also sent home because they did not have the vaccine. In Lethem a surgeon was turned away from the hospital because it was said he did not have the COVID-19 vaccine. It is noted that the persons and communities affected are from predominantly African and Amerindian communities. This is strange when it is known that not all Guyanese are vaccinated and the government does not have the complement for the entire population that should be vaccinated.  On Monday the minibus and hire car drivers started a protest against the mandatory requirement for them to have the COVID-19 vaccinated in order to ply their trade.

Apart from the mandatory COVID-19 protests, tractor operators in Region Six staged a protest yesterday. They are accusing the Regional Administration of entering an agreement with them to pay $5000 per hour for pumping water from communities during the recent flood but now wanting to pay $4000.


For the past three weeks, the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Opposition has been staging protests every Wednesday at the Square of the Revolution. Two Sundays ago there was a Citizens Protest at Buxton, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and last Sunday at Victoria, ECD.

All is not well in Guyana. The grumblings are growing and should not be ignored. Guyana is a land of six peoples, with diverse political association, beliefs, class and so forth. That being said, all are Guyanese and should be equal participating members of society. Where any citizen is affected all are affected. And it is not only political sense but human sense to seek to address the concern of any affected individual or group if there is to be national cohesion. Cohesion is hinged on peace and harmony. Peace and harmony are hinged to justice. Neither can be achieved or maintained without the other. The politicians need to take note.

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