Would extra $$$ of Sheet Piling Contract be Investigated

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Dear Editor,

I am compelled to pen this rejoinder to letter by Mr. Jagnarine Singh “When Would Govt. Address Corruption Scandals?” (Jul 1). The article makes reference to a contract award that is some $40M above the lowest bid. It was a bid to supply sheet piling to NDIA of Ministry of Agriculture. Information available listed several bids. Dax was awarded the contract; five other suppliers bid lower than Dax. As per the opened bids to the tender, information available (attached) states that Jagmohan Hardware bid just over $178M while Dax bid just under $211M. Other bids were lower.

It was for the same grade of sheet piling to be supplied by the same company, Arcel Mittal (attached doc) of Holland with Sales Office in Panama in memo (attached) sent to Jagmohan Hardware (March 19, 2021).

Since it is the same grade of sheet piling to be obtained from the same company, why was Dax chosen over Jagmohan and or others whose bid was substantially lower. Why expend some $40M more for the sheet piling? Is there any special connection with Dax or any other bidder? As Mr. Jagnarine Singh sated, the $40 M could have been spent to mitigate flooding – it could have bought several pumps to drain flooded areas or supply hampers to thousands of affected victims. Isn’t this an opportune moment for President and VP to take actions. Why should those responsible for this irresponsible act that cheat taxpayers of such a huge sum of money treated differently from the corrupt GuyOil transaction?


Yours truly,

Sarmila Ally

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Sun Jul 4 , 2021
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