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Gardening is wonderful and rewarding. It helps things grow and is also therapeutic. There is optimism that with the planting of a seed or sticking a stem, and the nurturing of the plant, there will be joy watching it grows and reaping the reward of your labour. Gardening helps to keep the gardener grounded and in tune with nature. It helps to unwind from the daily stressors of life, refocus and renew.  From an environmental perspective gardening has a symbiotic relationship with humankind and the ecosystem.

Gardening also helps to supplement income, either through spending or earning. Space is not a hindrance to gardening, only imagination. There is no need to have a big garden, one in the yard or backdam in order to grow something. With a small container, purchased from the store or repurposed from an old pot, milk can or any receptacle, growing a kitchen or house plant garden is possible.

Another thing about gardening is taking charge of what you eat. And where the clamour grows for more organic produced foods, given the benefit to health and longevity, gardening is like having a say in doing this for yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you. If you are new to gardening you could buy the seeds or plants or get them from someone. There is no limitation to the possibilities of growing plants. So start planting today. Indoor or Outdoor. Be they vegetables, legumes, herbs, teas and/or decorative plants. It’s a rewarding journey.

Plant propagation for beginners » 5 indoor plants


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