Bogus Degree and Competence

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Dear Editor,

One does not need to flaunt a degree to have relevance in the media or in society or to comment on an issue or to claim competence in a field like say taxation. One does not need to print fraudulent certificates or buy a bogus degree from institutions that sell them in order to advocate on issues; some people have obtained fake degrees billing themselves as experts. Claiming expertise, even in the subject of taxation, from a bogus certificate does not make one a specialist. Discussing technical issues require some level of competence and skill in post secondary training. Paying for a fake or bogus degree or obtaining a degree from a non-traditional course of studies limits one academic ability and would not help someone to acquire the skill set in technical subject matter in engineering, science, and even in taxation or accounting. There are several public figures who did not attend university but are claiming degrees. Some have MAs without obtaining BA. It is magic degrees obtained without doing any studies or having others do the study for you.

One does not need to present or claim a degree from unaccredited tertiary institutions or a fake degree to demonstrate expertise in a field. It is either you have the expertise or you don’t. A certificate is merely an attestation of some kind of credential; it does not affirm knowledge or skill set. Readers would recognize lack of ability even if you present a certificate of competence. I read an argument on Exxon taxation that I found to be very poor and subsequently found out the writer has a long distance degree. The defense of Exxon not paying taxes was written by one who claims to have a Masters degree. I found out in a subsequent post that it is a long distance degree obtained without a Bachelors degree.  That explains why the writing and argument in defense of Exxon non-taxation was poor.

He claims expertise in banking and other economic spheres. He threatens a lawsuit for queries about his undergraduate degree. He did not do an undergrad degree but has a MA degree – quite an achievement. It reminds me of others who pursued the similar fake degree credentials. They gain admission to colleges based on work experience. They lack skill set of those of us who studied at a university. Not surprisingly, some of their writings border on non-sense.


There are several Guyanese who have shown that one does not need to run around with fake degrees. They have risen in their own right as activists – in their achievements.

Regrettably, the fake degree holders and those with long distance certification are in a position to bully people; they are not demonstrating the kind of nationalism needed to protect our interests. Those with bogus, fictitious, unearned degrees dominate the power structure in the country today. And they are defended by some with fake degrees.

When one threatens a lawsuit over a question of a degree, it means they have something to hide.

It is very regrettable that those with the power to dominate the power structure are reluctant to pursue greater percentages of benefits from Exxon.

Yours truly
Joshua Emmanuel

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