The Case for Presidential Candidate Amanza Walton-Desir

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Dear Editor

I am no see-far man nor do I claim to possess any extraordinary talents but I have heard from family members and friends over the years that I have a knack for “spotting tings.” I  will for this discussion call it my “intelli-sense.” I have been known to accurately call a few things before they happen. I remember accurately calling in a Facebook post the Amanda Knox retrialI, Trump’s win and loss, a few America Got’s Talent Winners and the odd NBA eventual champs now and again.

While I have had success in the above mentioned, two (2) things remain illusive. An accurate prediction of a West Indies series win and the outcome of Guyana’s election.

So I am going to switch strategies here and instead of an “intelli-sense” prediction, I am going to make a case. For the record, I have not have the good fortune to have ever conversing with Ms. Walton-Desir nor have I been following her professional or political career.  I remember the first time I heard her speak was during the election’s recount of 2020 and I can remember distinctly saying to myself, “She is awesome! She is one to look out for.”


Her public speaking is impeccable, her knowledge and command of foreign affairs is unprecedented, and let’s be fair she is a brilliant academic and savvy political figure. The latest public commotion surrounding her “mentally lazy” remark made one thing absolutely clear to me that she represents a political threat to those who were trying to castigate her.

What however made my “intelli-senses” really tingle was when, now I stand to be corrected but there was a report circulating that when the APNU-AFC leadership had to meet with the foreign missions based in Guyana, that one nation’s mission (according to Buju Banton de “Merimaca” dem ) asked that she in particular not be part of the APNU-AFC delegation. Now if that was indeed the case, then boy oh boy, my case for Presidential Candidate Amanza just got strengthened.

Amanza is a transcendent figure, she represents the best of Guyana and my argument is that because of that specific quality is why she represents threat to some and absolutely which she represents such an asset for the country. She has demonstrated that she knows enough about the past not to repeat its mistakes but I admire her embrace of a new vision for the political landscape in Guyana. So I would support the nomination of presidential candidate Amanza Walton-Desir. I rest my case.

Daison Marks

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