Father’s Day and responsibility   

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Dear Editor,  

I am writing this article based on my observation in Guyana and also around the world. Father’s Day is Sunday June 20 and to my dismay, it’s a mere afterthought. I was asking myself why is that so and why so much effort, energy and focus is on Mother’s Day? Why Fathers are not getting the same attention as mothers? 

To my understanding, it takes three to make a child, the mother, the father and God himself. I believe that society has played a major role in this, unfortunately. The young and older men of our society are not taking responsibility for their actions. Modern society is on an ethical decline, almost more than half of the society is promoting some form of sex, it’s sad to say that sex is in actually all of the movies, music, television series, cartoons and even advertisements. Now all of these contribute to that type of lifestyle but none of the mentions teaches responsibility. 

As a man, you want to enjoy the pleasures of a woman but when she gets pregnant you don’t want to enjoy the responsibility of being a father. Taking care of your responsibility is what makes you a man not having a plethora of woman like they are disposable toys or having money. Those things don’t make you a man, taking responsibility for your actions and doing what’s right by the child or children makes you a man in the sight of GOD. 


On that note, I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s that are fathers who have been taking that important mantle with humility and happiness. 

Kwesi Mc Taire

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