Guyana is a land of many waters and hypocrites 

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Dear Editor

Guyana is not only a land of many waters but also, barefaced hypocrites. The unfortunate thing though is that the media, which would have ideally provided a balance to a sick society like ours; has instead joined the camp of the hypocrites.

No one in their right mind would support electoral skullduggery. It is, however, utter hypocrisy, which stinks to the high heavens when certain individuals and institutions decide to relentlessly attack Lowenfield, Myers, and Mingo but, these individuals and organizations, not for a single day have said anything leave alone the condemnation of the plethora of irregularities which emanated from the recount process. Editor, recently there was a merciless decimation of our mangroves. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) and the Private Sector Commission (PSC) have not uttered a word to date. On Wednesday, the GCCI woke up from their slumber by expressing support for the PPP motion intended to dismiss Lowenfield, Myers, and Mingo.

Editor, the GCCI, and the PSC are part of the cabal behind the actual death of our democracy. They have ‘monetarised’ our elections; they are partisan and their motive is to maintain a corrupt system in power no matter the effects on this society. These barefaced hypocrites condemn Mingo but they have said nothing about the 47 boxes with no supporting documents; they have never called for an investigation into cases where the number of votes exceeded voters; they have never called for an investigation into cases where voting materials of one polling station were found in another. They have not condemned the incidents of the dead voter. Former Police Commissioner, Leslie James provided evidence of over 4,000 immigrants, out of the country who voted. The GCCI and PSC have called for no investigations.


In 2011, the total number of registered voters was 475,496; however, during the Gocool Boodhoo period, this number raised by 107,948 or 22.7% new registrants to 583,444 and eventually to 661,378 in 2020. Editor, that is an increase of 39% in less than ten years. Trying to defend the indefensible, one of their own said, “Guyana’s population has been growing hence, the increase in the number of the registrants” but Editor, over the past 20 years, Guyana’s population has never grown by over 1%. Where then did this exponential growth of 39% come from? I would have expected the GCCI and PSC to provide us with answers but again, they are nothing but mere hypocrites. Dr. Roger Luncheon’s admission that there were no qualified Afro-Guyanese to work as ambassadors should never be taken for granted or underestimated. In the physic of the PPP leadership, Guyana belongs to one race and like Hitler’s Nazi, their sole aim is to subjugate the other races. In the quest to achieve this dominance, the GCCI, PSC media houses including Stabroek News and others are key allies. As Henry Jeffrey said on Politics 101 hosted by David Hinds, there is a sinister plot by the PPP to portray the likes of Mingo as riggers while covering up the real riggers who have been manipulating our elections since 2006. This hypocrisy must be stopped by all means.

Tom Linden

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