PPP’s attack on Walton-Desir

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Dear Editor

The PPP’s sustained frenzied onslaught on Amanza Walton-Desir has taken many by surprise. But it ought not to.

Walton-Desir has sent shockwaves through the PPP and she has rattled them to the core. The PPP is frightened.

It has been the bold boast of not merely a few of the PPP’s Members of Parliament that their’s is the largest political party in Guyana. It is not an empty boast, it is a veiled assertion of ethnic supremacy.


The PPP thrives on ethnic supremacy, it is their raison d’être.

However, overt ethnic supremacy is neither fashionable nor tolerable in modern society so the PPP has to navigate a slack-line while dodging raindrops.

You see, there are two things that the PPP is absolutely terrified of and intimidated by.

One is a freethinking Indian, the other is an intelligent black woman.

The PPP believes it has the measure of black men. It believes that it can exploit centuries of prejudice and stereotyping and typecast the black man as a violent aggressor. They use coded language to communicate this to their supporters and use this to cultivate fear of the black man.

Bharrat Jagdeo, as recent as 2015, shamelessly invoked race-baiting for political gain when he declared to PPP loyalists, “[w]hen they link up with the military, and come into your homes and start kicking the doors down and when they come after you, who is going to be there?”

The use of ‘military’ is coded substitution for ‘black men’ who, it is widely known, constitute the vast majority of Guyana’s military.

The spectre of ethnic rape and assault has been a repeated theme in PPP campaigning and its overall politics. One of their Indian MPs, now a minister, launched herself into a mob which the PPP instigated in the National Assembly and began to baselessly shout “rape”, a chant which was instantly echoed by her eager and well primed colleagues.

The PPP believes it has and can successfully demonise the black man and drive fear in the hearts of Indo-Guyanese by flogging this ethnic boogieman.

What the PPP does not know how to combat is the intellectual black woman.

Two things which cause panic for the PPP collided when Walton-Desir spoke.

First the message was coming from a qualified, educated, intelligent black woman who the PPP sees as its most formidable enemy, as it is not able to, as easily, instil fear of the black woman among its loyalist.

Secondly, Walton-Desir was peeling back the curtains on the ugly truth of what is the lifeblood and heartbeat of the PPP’s survivability. She was unmasking them and laying bare for the nation to see that the PPP’s existence was based on its lifelong pursuit of keeping its supporters in a state of unthinkingness and intellectual docility. Walton-Desir was, in effect, appealing to PPP supporters to exercise intellectual acuity in examining their reason for supporting that party. This, the PPP would not tolerate.

Call them corrupt, call them thieves, call them crooks, call them abusers, call them avaricious, call them heartless, they will hardly bat an eyelid. But dare not expose their ethnic supremacy agenda. To do so is to enrage them and risk being eaten alive like a shoal of famished piranhas.

The PPP is horror-stricken that its secret electoral and political recipe was being exposed by Walton-Desir. That sent off alarm bells at Freedom House and the tribal cavalry was activated and trotted out to commence the character lynching of Walton-Desir. Walton-Desir has not merely raised an ant nest or opened a can of worms for the PPP, she has sliced through the thick coverings and exposed the ugly underbelly of the PPP’s political sustenance.

Troy Douglas

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