Government not handling the Covid crisis properly 

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Dear Editor,

A few days ago I sent a letter to all media houses in connection with the way the Government handled the Americans who were illegally setting up a block factory here in Guyana, and referencing how they treated Guyanese who were squatting on lands in the Success area. I’ve noticed that only one media house carried my letter and I wondered why but after receiving a few phone calls from some party members I realised why most of the media houses turned a blind eye. I will not get into the phone calls I received from fellow party members but I will say that, that will not stop me from speaking up when things are not right. I believe that whether our party in office or not we should make it known when the Government is not listening to the people, especially party members.

The COVID situation in Guyana is going from bad to worse and I think the Government is not handling things properly, too many people are dying and the virus is spreading wildly. It seems as though the Government put all hopes in vaccination but fail to look at other measures to complement it. For example a lockdown for a week or two will not break the back of our economy as I stated in my pervious letter but it will help to control the spread and possibly increase vaccination because no one wants to be in a prolonged lockdown.

The Government’s causal stance on the continuous loss of life to COVID is really sad. Countries with less scary stats than us have resorted to lockdowns, change in curfew times, implemented systems for safe access to essential services and even developed software to help make things easy. But we must ask our President how many more of us must die before he realises he is failing the country.


I am encouraging us to apply some pressure to make sure that sensible decisions are made to help keep us all safe during this time. Remember to get vaccinated and continue to follow the guidelines of washing your hand, wearing your masks and keeping your distance.

Daniel Basdeo

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