Alot of things not going right in this country 

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Dear Editor
I am a citizen of Guyana and a supporter of the PPP/C but there are a lot of things bothering me and the only way I will get my party leaders to listen, is if I speak publicly . A group of us from No. 1 Canal would meet up talk about politics and how things are going in the country and we have noticed that a lot of things aren’t going right, we certainly not living in or as one Guyana. I have a number of issues with our President and how things are going in the party our beloved Cheddie Jagan started, all of which I will share as I have the time to do so.

Allow me to address an issue that angered me recently. We have an Amercian building a whole block factory without any permission chase away a Government Minister, throw away a cease and desist order while being in our country illegally. You would remember this same Government, yes this Government that I support, call in the police to shoot at and flood out the squatting lands at Success that were being occupied by Guyanese who cannot afford to get a piece of land in their own country. Women and children were sleeping at night while heartless human beings flooded their surroundings. I have a relative who was shot during the ordeal and later displaced from her home with her child.

On the other hand we are treating someone who is not Guyanese, who is illegal in our country and operating like a thug with respect and dignity. WHY? We can clearly get the message that the Government choose money over the people. Just listen to our President and how he disregards the COVID-19 situation in the name of keeping the economy afloat when we have Oil reserves that can keep us going for a few years, so a lockdown will not break the back of our economy. But it is all a clear indication of the ideology of a government that places its people at the bottom of its list of priority. This must stop!

Daniel Basdeo


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