Happy Mothers’ Day   

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Dear Editor

I consider this opportunity a noble, most valuable, and highly regarded privilege to extend an exceptionally deserving Happy Mothers’ Day Greetings to all Mothers in Guyana, Caricom and Internationally.

In so doing, I am sensitive to the additional burdens that the Covid 19 Pandemic has placed on motherhood, compounding the challenging responsibilities of cultivation of values and credible moral standards for their children in this evolving but unstable and unpredictable environment throughout the globe.

An extra effort has been demanded of Mothers for some time, occasioned by the pressures and influences of social media, television, and other negatives, saturated with falsehood. These falsehoods are misleading and have undoubtedly contributed to poor human relationships, disunity, violence, loss of life and other undesirable occurrences in society, which make mothers tasks much more difficult and exhausting. Sometimes these circumstances make it highly improbable to achieve the goals set forth to the best of their satisfaction. Their images are also under attack at their places of employment where they are, unfortunately, and unavoidably, insulted in their work environment and are subject to vulgar abuses by unscrupulous culprits, who are there to vilify their character.


These are some of the atrocities that mothers currently have to confront while discharging their obligations.

I would like to take this opportunity to urge you wonderful human beings to continue to faithfully execute your highly essential roles while ascending above any negativity or obstruction to your pursuits.  Your admirers are countless and your work is priceless. All those who value your struggles do so with admiration.

Despite these hindrances, you must be proud of your continuous, countless, and treasured achievements at all levels of mankind. These achievements are definitely invaluable and absolutely necessary and have rebound to the benefit of the human race universally, throughout all ages of life.

Once more, allow me, on behalf of the Executive Council and Members of the Guyana Public Service Union and my own personal behalf and that of my family, to wish all mothers and those who take the places of mothers, a healthy, safe, delightful and well-deserved Mothers’ Day.


Patrick Yarde

President GPSU

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