The passing of Senior Supt Stuart

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Dear Editor

I recently learned with much grief about the death of an outstanding Guyanese, Charmaine Stuart, Senior Superintendent of Police and Director of Music and Culture of the Guyana Police Force. News of this irreparrable loss hit me like a bolt from the blue. I believe that all those who knew Charmaine are equally perturbed.

I was acquainted with Charmaine for over three decades. During that period i found her to be a person of the highest caliber. Aside from being intelligent, honest and hardworking, she was extremely easy to get along with.

She joined the Guyana Police Force Military Band MS as an apprentice and worked her way through the various rank structure to the position of Senior Superintendent and director of the best band in the land. She was the first and only female to reach the apex of management of the police band.


Several years ago while i was the Training Officer for the Guyana Police Force, and against all odd I selected her to attend the Police Junior Officers’ Course which was a three months live-in training programme. The training was designed to focus on leadership and general policing. It did not have anything to do with music which at that time was Charmaine’s strong point. This training which was executed in collaboration with the University of Guyana was intensive. Although Charmaine spent all her service in a specialised section of the Force she blended well with her peers, superiors, subordinates and facilitators. During the course i discovered that she had a serious addiction. Yes, she had an addiction for knowledge in general policing. During one of our numerous confabulations she told me that she was passionate about self development. She opined that members of the GPF owed it to themselves to develop themselves and not for the GPF to develop them. Later, on her own she gained admission to the University of Guyana and graduated with a degree.

Shermaine was a founder member of the Guyana Association of Women Police. She served as the Vice President and on several occasions she represented that body both locally and overseas. Charmaine also took part in numerious activities conducted by the Force and the Joint Services.You name it and Sharmaine was there participating. In 2017 she was adjudged the Best Cop for that year. Prior to her death, arrangements were in train at the highest level to retain her service for the the strategic development of the band and its members. However, before play could have started her innings was unfortunately abbrevated.

Charmaine had clean hands, a warm heart, a cool head and a passion for her job and God.

To her sorrowing family, relatives, friends and members of the Guyana Police Force i hasten to express my deepest sympathy. May her soul Rest In Peace.

Yours faithfully

Clinton Conway


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