A captain who destroyed his formidable forces which would shout against injustices? 

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Dear Editor,

A story is told of a Roman army captain who killed some of his most brilliant, strategic, and brave junior officers whom he feared that if left alive, their performance, given their qualities, would have endeared them popularity, potentially eclipsing his. Editor, in David Granger, I see that Roman Soldier.

Like that Roman army general, instead of grooming and nurturing future leaders, a whole host of PNC youth; from 2015, David Granger embarked on a campaign of the decimation of any vibrant personalities whom he perceived to be a threat. The installation of the PPP/C was largely because of the sheer naivety, arrogance, and aloofness of David Granger. Forbes Burnham, the founder leader of the PNC had a penchant for listening and reasoning. Granger, whose intellect can never be compared with Forbes Burnham, never saw any value in consulting and listening to his constituency. I will never forget a day that Granger visited briefly a church in Plaisance. On his way out of the village, people were at the line top (Guinness Bar) waiting to talk to him. The man bypassed the people without even waving through the window. They say birds of the same feathers flock together. After decimating and sidelining vibrant, intellectually sound PNC youth and personalities like Sharma Solomon, Ryan Belgrave, Thandi McAllister, James Bond, Aubrey Norton, Vanessa Kissoon, to mention just a few, Granger appointed ministers of nature and character similar to his. Yes, the retired Brigadier wanted YES men and women around him only.

Editor, contrary to the false propaganda by our local media entities whose sole focus is to work with the PPP to establish an ethnocracy, the PNC remains a formidable force. The Central Executive Council should, however, remove Granger from the leadership of the party as soon as possible. PNC supporters are many. All we need is leadership. Yes, the malicious Brigadier could have sidelined the party’s cream, but we thank God they remain alive.


We want to breathe. We can’t, however, breathe with a dead albatross, in David Granger hanging around our necks. Editor, in my mind Granger is a dead living man. In my entire life, I have never heard of a living leader whose supporters are fired, denied contracts, their properties were taken away by a racist regime, their votes rigged despite that, the leader remains silent. Editor, Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago was deaf, Joaquín Balaguer of the Dominican Republic was blind but despite those disabilities, they spoke and represented their supporters.

Editor, I believe that this do-nothing leader is hedging his bets on the Elections Petition a reason he is holding on to the party’s leadership. When the courts nullify the elections, he can contest for leadership again.

A captain who destroyed his formidable forces which would shout against injustices?


Tom Linden

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