I wonder what is the difference between the Trump episode and Myanmar’s?

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Dear Editor

On Saturday, Feb. 13, the USA senate voted to acquit Trump for inciting violence to stop the peaceful transfer of power. We all know what occurred. There is evidence everywhere. It is all in the public domain. Yet these pompous privileged people voted to acquit.

I wonder what is the difference between the Trump episode and Myanmar’s? There is only one. The coup in Myanmar was successful. I wonder if the countries in the world should follow the self-named democracy god and leader of the free world in the election and its aftermath.

In Guyana, where there was/is a serious breach of democratic norms, the Trump Administration through Pompeo and Sarah Lynch threatened GECOM to declare results from a very flawed recount under the guise of democracy. I ask Sarah lynch again. Are 47 ballot boxes with missing statutory documents a tenet of democracy especially when the votes involved can easily change the outcome of the elections. I ask again. Why did the USA attack GECOM with such ferocity? Why did Pompeo say “step aside” to president Granger while the election results were still in the courts? Who told Trump to step aside at any point in time? He was never told that he lost the elections although 61 court cases rejected his cases. The senators, yes, the same senators who acquit Trump enabled Trump with the “big lie” Yet, in Guyana, you pompous white privileged people feel that you have the right to dictate how our courts work. What would Sarah Lynch say if the APNU/AFC had called on Trump to concede? I know, she would say that it is the internal affairs of the USA. What would Sarah Lynch say if the APNU/AFC officially publish that the senators acquitted a formal president who committed the most heinous act against democracy? She would repeat the same “this is USA” internal affairs. I wonder who gave the USA the power to disregard the laws of Guyana with regards to election legal construction.


Let me put it this way. Guyana never had voter suppression. Guyana always had universal suffrage. The USA did not allow black men to vote until the reconstruction almost 100 years after its creation. The USA never allowed women to vote until 1920. That was about 144 years after the creation of the USA. Yet, their self-appointed “god of democracy” believe that they can dictate to any country how to run their elections and what laws are frivolous. Today, as I write this, the USA is still carrying out voter suppression. It is done by the Republican party, the party of Trump. Yet, they call themselves the champion of democracy. What would Sarah Lynch have said if the people in the PPP stronghold were not allowed to register. What would Sarah Lynch say if laws were passed so that people in the PPP stronghold had to show a special ID created by APNU/AFC to register and vote? Here is an excerpt from an ACLU article. “Voting rights are under attack nationwide as states pass voter suppression laws. These laws lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. Since 2008, states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for Americans—particularly black people, the elderly, students, and people with disabilities—to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. These measures include cuts to early voting, voter ID laws, and purges of voter rolls.

The ACLU is engaged in advocacy and litigation across the country to get rid of these harmful voter suppression measures once and for all.” <https://www.aclu.org/issues/voting-rights/fighting-voter-suppression.>

I am asking Sarah Lynch and the members of the diplomatic community who behaved like feral beasts when there was an election ongoing clarification in Guyana. Where are your voices? What occurred in the USA is the most undemocratic move of a former president in the western hemisphere in many decades. How do you, the diplomats, explain your silence in this matter while you tried to stain the reputation of a decent president Granger? What is it that you are made of? I know the cause is anti-black racism but how do you people face yourselves? That is what confuses me. What is it that can make people so hypocritical? I would like an answer from any of these people. Could you please enlighten you about your inner workings? Do you feel ashamed? Do you not feel remorse? If not, then what are you?

Trump got away with sending his mob to attack the seat of their democracy. Five persons died. He is not condemned for that. Yet, in Guyana, where there is a real electoral problem (47 missing statutory documents), the emphasis was and is to try and denigrate a very honest person and his coalition. Any reasonable person can see that there is something morally wrong. It is the definition of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy installed the PPP government and they ruled in the same manner. The following shows this clearly. “Attorney General Anil Nandlall is asking the High Court to declare that BK Marine “has been unjustly enriched” by about GYD$5 billion as that “is the true representation of the value of the property” at Mudlots 1 and 2, Lot F of Mudlot 3 and Lots A, B and D, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown.

“The unlawfulness, recklessness, and negligence which permeated this transaction is evidenced by the fact that not even a formal Agreement of Sale in writing was executed between” BK Marine and NICIL “for such a valuable public asset.”

Further, he wants the court to order the return to the property, well-known as GRDB Wharf, and to “deliver up possession” of the said property.” <https://demerarawaves.com/2021/02/06/govt-moves-to-repossess-grdb-wharf-from-bk-marine-says-gyd5-billion-property-sold-for-gyd200-million/>

In the above quote, Nandlall is saying that a valuable asset was sold by the APNU/AFC government. I wonder how he got the “true representation of the value of the property” because this very person (Nandlall) argued that a valuation is not needed to sell government property when he was defending Ali for selling government land. The quote below shows his argument.

“Judge dismisses Irfaan Ali’s challenge to ‘Pradoville’ fraud charges.

In his suit against the Commissioner of Police, DPP, the Chief Magistrate, and Detective Corporal Muninlall Persaud, Ali was seeking a declaration that there is no statutory or common law duty to obtain a valuation prior to the sale of property. He was also seeking, among other things, a declaration that the particulars of the charges do not constitute an offense known to law and contravene Section 144(4) of the Constitution. His contention was that the conduct alleged in the charges, even if true, cannot in law meet the high standard of misconduct required to support the charges laid against him. Ali was represented by attorney Anil Nandlall, while SOCU was represented by attorney Leslyn Noble. <https://www.stabroeknews.com/2019/07/16/news/guyana/judge-dismisses-irfaan-alis-challenge-to-pradoville-fraud-charges/>


The PPP, Trump, Pompeo, Lynch, and their minions are all hypocrites. They easily lie when they need to and feel no shame in saying opposite things to cover whatever situation they encounter. Trump is gone but his minions are still in charge of Guyana. I ache for my country.

E. O. Cromwell

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