Message from GPSU President, Mr. Patrick Yarde, on Occasion of Mother’s’ Day 2023

Today, Sunday May 14, 2023, is set aside to revere all Mothers, the foundations of societies and replenishers of mankind. Mothers were challenged by the Creator to be fruitful and multiply, which were understood by some as spawning nations and by others as delivering the values of nationhood. Irrespective of the view, whether one view or both holds true, Mother’s Day is meant to celebrate and honour Mothers, throughout the World, including those who are but memories now.

Mothers in Guyana have done us proud for the years of Guyana’s existence. From the abolition of slavery to internal self-Government and on to the tough and trying times as an independent nation and then later a Republic, Mothers have been the mainstay that have molded and strengthened the young for future rolls, their wisdom etched on minds, as were their tears and pains.

Even today, in this troubled time, when the value of life is slim and to survive carries tremendous costs, Mothers labour relentlessly to provide a bit of hope to their families by courageous words and cleverly stretching the dollar to its limits, silently swearing about employers’ lack of care, through the consistent payment of starvation wages and the unnatural demands on “family time”. Starved of affection, but relentlessly conjuring creative ways to provide for the family units, Mothers march through time to create new villages and towns, with societies stronger than the next. New leaders, born of these Mothers, when given a chance may find the strength and ingenuity to remove the shackles of pain to brighten the days of emerging motherhood.

All hail Mothers, present and past, that produced numberless generations in cities built to last. Through these wonderful beings, our Mothers are, the beauty of mankind graciously fills the Earth.

So, God bless our Mothers, young and old, here or there and near and dear. Let us remember their sacrifices for us to be here. If there is a way to appease the hurt behind those cheerful and charming smiles, let her know that you are her thankful child.

A Happy and Blessed Mothers’ Day to all Mothers that are around, not forgetting those looking over, without a sound. In doing this, I consider it a privilege to deliver these greetings on behalf of the Executive Council and Members of the Guyana Public Service Union.