Growing Up Samantha was born in Georgetown, Guyana on June 30, 1968. She attended St. Gabriel’s Primary School. At the age of eleven she moved to England with her parents, Sammy and Gwendolin Tross, and three siblings after her father, who worked with the Commonwealth Secretariat, was assigned a posting there. In the United Kingdom (UK) she excelled in academia […]

Grace is Guyanese by birth.  At age fourteen she migrated to the United States and has made a name for herself and country. Her work includes several multi-media projects on the cultural and artistic production of Guyana and the Diaspora, using arts and language to stir activism and influence social change. As a curator she has engaged in curatorial research and teaching practice […]

United States (U.S) CNBC reports the black hair industry is valued more than US$2.5 billion, based on a report from MINTEL (global market research agency). This figure is based on a 2018 report but does not include hair accessories, wigs or electric styling products. Some have estimated the industry is now valued at a trillion-dollar.  Black women are serious about […]

The United States (U.S) has the world’s largest economy coming in at over US25 trillion. African American is approximately 13 percent of the population. According to a 2019 CBS Kristopher Bridges’ report- “Black Americans and their spending are becoming an ever-larger slice of the U.S. economy, especially spending on consumer goods ranging from shoes to cell phone services. African American […]

Rihanna is Guyanese by descent having been birthed by a Guyanese mother resident in Barbados.  She was born on 20 February 1988, in Barbados to Guyanese mother, Monica Braithwaite and Barbadian father Ronald Fenty. In 2021 Forbes Magazine ranked the 33-year-old musician amongst the world’s newest billionaires and the richest self-made women. She holds the unique distinction as the richest female […]

Health care management in Guyana is deficient. There is an absence of serious scientific approaches to inform policies and programmes. Often time Guyanese are made aware of the gravity of various illnesses in Guyana from internationally written reports. From these Guyanese learnt Guyana is rank highest in the world for suicide (mental health) and second in the Americas for diabetes. […]

Herstory   Reverend Cora-Dina ‘Roxanne’ Cameron and her family migrated from Guyana to the United States. She is a devout Christian who partners with her husband, Reverend Dr. Oswen F. Cameron in running the Lighthouse Ministries International (LHMI), located in Beltsville, Maryland. She is the Associate Pastor of LHMI and Founder of the Cora Dian Cameron Heart of Hope Extended […]

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