Poor state of healthcare in Guyana

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Countless having seen, stood persuaded that seen was unseen. Similarly, the limitless that saw, of convenience failed to see. But reassuringly, the few that rose to see, couldn’t have unseen that seen.

For that seen, painted a most distressing imagery. A patient on the grounds of GPHC, robbed of his dignity, thus endeavoured the impossible- Secure under a stain hospital sheet, what remained of it. For the countless having seen, have now registered unseen, since the prevalence of such imagery, desensitised many.

Nonetheless, that seen provoked emotive enquiries from an empathetic few, who then were confronted with a disturbing response- Burden he was with an ailment, so sought medical attention at GPHC, where a pneumonia diagnosis was received, hence potent antibiotics delivered in vein. However, despite antibiotic infusions, restoration of his weakened legs, wasn’t an eventuality. As a result, concluded they did, he was feigning, thus unceremonious was his booting out. But this account troubled hearts, so much so that further enquires it provoked.

1. If he was burdened with pneumonia, reportedly resolved, can it be inferred that full health has been restored, albeit unable to walk?



Thus, WHO archives were interrogated to provide that interpretation of health- “A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Where this the inference- Free of pneumonia(disease), shouldn’t be viewed in isolation in determination of restored health, since mental and social factors are also determinants.

Having said that, this conundrum confronts our dedicated Healthcare Professionals- A PPP Healthcare Sector where patients with presumed remedied medical ailment, are of social or mental burdens, nonetheless forced into the discharge queue. A state of affairs evidencing PPP incompetence- Promoting a Healthcare Sector that’s based on a model, predating 1948, when health represented the absence of illness or disease, with a focus on clinical diagnosis and intervention. And it’s this archaic model that underpins their inhumane practise of diagnosis, intervention and boot out, even if the patients are unable to walk. But this we known, yet unknown to PPP, medicine evolves and so should practice, where patients are now viewed as a whole, and not someone with a diseased organ- The underpinning of Holistic Care.

Holistic Care

Thus this assumption- We have likely been at the receiving end of poor health, where recollection would be, of symptoms extending from the proverbial head to toe. In which, such symptoms may include headaches, muscle aches, fever, inability to walk; ie Multi-systemic involvement. Therefore, inconsequential it’s the focus of this patient’s ailment, since likely symptoms would’ve extended beyond the afflicted organ. So this the message, even with pneumonia resolution, his multi-systemic symptoms, wouldn’t have.

However, informed by the WHO model of health, the message is, even with a resolved pneumonia, if unable to walk, he was far removed from full health. And in such a circumstance, difficult it would be for the PPP to argue, that their duty of care has ended.

Thus, PPP faces a dilemma, of which guidance informed by international best practices, this column will once again share with the clueless cohort.

1. Physiotherapy: For this we know, what’s not used, we lose. Thus, with this patient confined to bed, of minimal muscles engagement, muscle mass and strength will disappear. Where such a restoration necessitates intensive physiotherapy, from a Physiotherapist.

2. Occupation therapy: In a weakened recuperative state, patients are with the realisation that mobility is limited. And for this reason, once discharge from Intermediate Care, their homes may require adaptation. For example, managing the stairs may pose difficult, thus sleeping arrangements if upstairs, may need relocating downstairs, informed by the assessments and advice of Occupational Therapists.

3: Nutrition: Then with significant weight loss, restoration will require increased caloric intake, informed by the assessment and advice of a Nutritionist.

4. Community care: And once discharged to the community, recuperation is monitored by the Community Nurse.

But this is fundamental.- This level of care need not be undertaken at GPHC, since such is generally provided at an Intermediate Care setting, thus making avail desperately needed GPHC beds.

PPP Hell Care

Now the contrast, that lays bare the horrors of PPP Hell Care- Offering a poor quality basic care, without consideration for social or psychological factors. A model that the world abandoned long before most were registered born.

And here’s the reason- Their medical advisers have been perennially in the stratum, clueless masqueraders that are guided by politics and finances. Not forward thinking.


Nevertheless, this our recognition, perennially existing in knowledge darkness, they consistently reject illumination. For they foolhardily speak of kidney transplantation, rejecting this column recommendations, informed by scientific evidence, that emphasis should be on Primary Care investment to address the poorly managed risk factors underpinning kidney diseases.

Then biased by monetary tunnel vision, priority is given to expensive and risky cardiac interventions, of which this column once again stressed that Primary Care should be made priory.

And drunken by finances and politics, they are championing Specialty Hospitals, thus once again this column reminded that priority should be Primary Care.

In fact, this column has been the epitome of consistency- With PPP Healthcare failing at the basics, foolhardily venturing into the complex, would be detrimental for patients. For patients are dying because of poor basic care. Why not aim to get that right? Women are dying in childbirth. Why not aim to get that right? Children are dying from simple infections. Why not aim to get that right? We have one of the lowest life expectancy in the Caribbean. The highest maternal mortality rates. The highest neonatal mortality rates. Why not aim to get these right?

For this is one of the many distressing imageries, a patient lying on the grounds of GPHC, as brainless buffoons construct Specialty Hospitals. Therefore, unsurprising the very brainless buffoons are responsible for the state of our healthcare, having been a destructive force for 25yrs, with visionless discriminatory policies.

Thus the recommendations;

1. Abort the nonsense of Speciality Hospitals, and focus on the basics.

2. Invest in community hospitals/ Intermediate Care.

3. Invest in Primary Care.

4. Abort the first world practice of kidney transplantation and coronary angiogram/stents. The reality is, the doctors undertaking such practices aren’t qualified to do such, further placing lives at risk.

5. Provide the masqueraders and their nonsensical advise, a oneway ticket to hell.

Now the truth- PPP Healthcare is in free fall, but rather than addressing the failing basics, they’re repaying their cronies in constructing needless Special Hospitals. Thus this the conclusion- PPP cares for Su but not you.

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