Jojo’s Craft: A hobby that blossomed into a lucrative business

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Joanna Webb is a 27-year-old Lindener who turned her hobby craft into a lucrative part-time business.

Webb is the proprietor of Jojo’s Craft which offers unique hand-crochet products made by Webb herself. Products offered by Jojo’s Craft includes crochet bottle holders and clothing.

In an interview with Village Voice News, Webb related that she first fell in love with the art of crocheting in 2018 after seeing a woman by the name of Honoura Parris crocheting.

Webb stated that she never saw herself knitting but the infectious sight of the crochet hook interlocking the hoops of yarn intrigued her to begin practicing the art.


“I am a lover of doing all things handmade and when I saw Miss Parris knitting it captivated me and eventually I asked her to teach me and she did. She taught me the building blocks of knitting and then I would practice on my own,” she remembered.

“I was grateful for the fact that she taught me because sometimes you may not come across persons willing to teach you an art for free,” she added.

The first piece made by Webb was a vase mat that she recalled being far from perfect. However, with time the young lady kept trying to perfect her craft. She eventually went on to making a bottle holder for herself. It was at this point that Jojo’s Craft would come into existence.

“The first bottle holder I made was for myself and persons saw it and they wanted me to make for them too because they liked it and that is what motivated me to start my business. The support I got meant a lot to me,” Webb noted.

The clerk by profession officially launched Jojo’s Craft in January 2022 and went from only making and selling bottle holders to producing crochet clothing.

She shared that it usually takes her one to two hours to make a bottle holder and her favourite part of the process is looking at her completed product, adding that “it is a proud feeling to see what my hand could do.”

Webb added that while crocheting is rewarding for her financially it also brings personal gratification. “For me crocheting is relaxing, it calms me down. I could be having a bad day and when I start knitting and watching the tv at the same time I does just feel at peace with myself,” she said. Webb noted that she will be adding more items to her product list in the future to cater to a wide array of customers. Interested persons can contact Owner of Jojo’s Craft, Joanna Webb on 6700175 or message her business’ Facebook account @ Jojo’s Craft.

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