Charrandass conscience

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Dear editor,

Having been inundated with calls from worried-sick sugar workers, on the unusual silence of Charrandass, in their painful time of need, sought I have to provide them clarity.

And being myself troubled by Charrandass inexplicable selective mutism, of initial step, I revisited the achieves of National heroes, explorative of his selfless sacrifice, meriting of a National accolade. To that end, I learnt that our Sugar Industry is on a financial ventilator, deeply comatose and of poor prognosis, dating back to Kit Nascimento in baby pampers. So of such dire straits, benevolent forces diversified and downsized the brain dead Industry. But such didn’t sit well with Charrandass, thus engaged he did his conscience, in betraying the benevolent forces.

Now counted three years, like a metastatic cancer, malevolent forces have taken over the Sugar Industry, overrunning Enmore Estate, seizing sugar workers’ land, provided for by the benevolent forces. And of continued destructive intent, in the dark of night, the malevolent forces sold Enmore Estate, unknown to the sugar workers. Then like aggressive cancer cells, they metastasised to the Wales Estate, selling land, property, water and air, like a desperate Junky, overwhelmed by physiological withdrawals. As would be expected, many sugar workers are of insomnia angst, hence they’re of desperate pleas for Charrandass, to once again engage his conscience.


But as faith would’ve it, I do count a Su type Indian friend of name Dr. Ali, who is heavily indebted to me for researching and authoring his PhD thesis. In fact, admit I must, that solitary occasion he employed his private jet, at the detriment of the environment, to deliver me Madras curry. But most certainly, that can’t compensate for my cognitive efforts, thus him I contacted to investigate, thenceforth reporting the most intriguing Charrandass affliction, explanatory of his silence.

Apparently, as reported by Dr. Ali, Charrandass was burdened by a severe biting type chest pain, hence sought medical attention at the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Hospital. And based on information garnered, Charrandass had investigatory test undertaken, inclusive of a chest CT scan. Then understandably exhausted, he took a catnap, which within an hour was interrupted by a raucous commotion. And in a befuddled semi-slumber state, he recollect hearing shouts of top, middle, bottom clear, followed by TREAT! Then of enigmatic irrationality, 100 doctors offloaded 200 canisters of concentrated Baygon, on a stupefied immobilised Charrandass. As would be expected, an understandably bewildered Charrandass, demanded an explanation. It was then a concerned consultant, of worried facies and Jagdeo type stutter, pointed out to Charrandass, in a most apologetic tone, “I am so sorry Sir. So sorry am I to inform you that the cockroaches have eaten your conscience.”

Dr. Mark Devonish

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