Comorbidity not a get-out clause

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And this our never before experienced agonal ordeal, of love ones untimely Covid snatched, delivering way too many tearfully distressed orphans. For this perennial mournful existence we endure, callously inflicted by apathetic incompetent hands, nevertheless endorsed exemplary by blinded apologists. And subsetting the congratulatory champagne sippers is, UK base Dr. Davendra Sharma, an unfortunate casualty of the seasonal Pandemic Induced Stupefaction.

For his medium of choice a missive, earned him numero uno on the Most Laughable List, and a taxonomic reclassification, Medicus Chiroptera Mammalia Echolocation Bat. So, perilously we perused, cautiously exposing his naked gaslighting, whence seen was unseen, of Serpentes innocuous caption.

“Misinformation is a slap in the face to our health workers.”

But innocuous it surely wasn’t, contrarily of a baited apple, to entice and envenomate the unsuspecting, with the most neurotoxic of disinformation. “Compared to what the APNU party was doing during the COVID crisis the current government has been exemplary.”


Thus we reflected then rejected, being with concern that such disinformation wasn’t accompanied by a warning advisory, informing all and many, that the author is a renown Medicus Chiroptera Mammalia Echolocation Bat, of translation Medical Bat, blinded to deaths and hospitalisations. Nevertheless, disinformation flowed and flooded, like a burst water main;

“The truth is that while there is an increase in numbers, the fatality rate is low from the omicron.”

And now of grave concern, the numerically challenged Urologist was strongly advised to stick to what he does best-Prescribing viagra. For January, the month of Omicron, counts the third highest deaths since the pandemic. But understood we certainly have, that arduous it must be for him correlating vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy, to Omicron outcomes. Thus, empathetic recognition was ours, for his most distressing knowledge gap, but busied with the native clueless medical bats, tutelage wasn’t afforded. So unabated, he was of more literary garbage that would’ve overflown 10 landfill sites;

“I applaud our Government for the work it has done and also wish to commend our President for his advice to the nation to avoid panic, practice safe behaviours and take the vaccines including the booster.”

Thus query we must of the doctor, who surely should be with a white walking cane:

What evidence underpins Sinopharm, J&J and AstraZeneca as boosters?

What evidence underpins Sputnik-V as a primary Covid-19 vaccine?

And with homework allocated, Dr. Anthony was summoned to justify his abuse of the term comorbidity.


For comorbidity encompasses underlying medical ailment, nonetheless not all impact Covid-19 outcomes.

In fact, if Covid-19 death visits someone of cataract comorbidity, stating death was of Covid-19, with comorbidity being vociferated in the very breath, is disingenuous for cataract doesn’t impact Covid-19 outcomes. Hence, the analogy thereunder to expand.

An exhausted Dr. Anthony walks his Pit Bull of name Covid-19, unburdened of a leash and nozzle. Concurrently, Jagdeo took his Chihuahua of name High-risk, for an explorative excercise. Then of no warning, the four of one space, were three, for Dr. Anthony’s Pit Bull devoured Jagdeo’s Chihuahua.

Thus, a kerfuffle ensued, with Dr. Anthony of argument that the Chihuahua’s death was of ‘comorbidities,”-Being diminutive and frail. But such an argument is impotently fallacious, for Dr. Anthony should’ve known with his Pit Bull Covid-19 being deadly, mitigations were mandated, leash and nozzle, to protect vulnerable smaller animals and children.


Thereupon, the pandemic we revisit, with Dr. Anthony cognisant that Covid-19, a deadly but invisible Pit Bull, roams our streets. Further, Dr. Anthony is of knowledge that tens of thousands of people with comorbidities, occupy those very streets. But Dr. Anthony, of an unscientific and uncaring PPP, didn’t mitigate against the dangers of Covid-19, nevertheless with haste he abuses said comorbidities as a get-out clause from his responsibilities- “Patient X died of Covid-19, but had comorbidities.” Thus, hereunder lifesaving mitigations he failed to introduced;


For shielding is underpinned by health economics, synonymous with Roman soldiers’ shields, which served to protect. It’s informed by data, that ITU care is costly, thus minimising admissions through mitigations, may be cost-saving. And with high-risk Covid-19 patients disproportionately needing ITU care, shielding could save both cost and lives.

What does shielding entails?:

Persons are incentivised to stay at home eg on full pay, funded by the state.

Households are advised to take the necessary Covid-19 precautions.

Those shielding are advised against leaving their homes, with family members or volunteers undertaking shoppings etc.

Medical consultations are by phone.

The selection of those to be shielded is through an independent body.


For this is what we know about Omicron;

It plummeted vaccine immunity 40 folds, plunging Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford-AstraZeneca protection against infection to 33%, with 70% effectiveness in preventing severe Covid-19. But after a booster, protection to infection increased to 75%, while deaths and hospitalisations to 90%.

In contrast, Sinopharm, J&J and Sputnik-V are of minimal effectiveness against this variant.

But this is what PPP did;

Predominantly primary vaccinated with unapproved Sputnik-V.

Predominantly booster vaccinated with unapproved Sinopharm, J&J and AstraZeneca.

Thus the result;

We are sitting ducks to Omicron, moreso the high-risk, explanatory to the high hospitalisation and death rates.

Managing comorbidity

Indeed the management of comorbidities is of equal as importance as that of Covid-19. But down to 23yrs of absent workforce planning and pervasive discrimination, we are without the specialists to optimally manage these comorbidities, contributing to the high hospitalisation and death rates.


The fact is, PPP is abusing comorbidity of the decease, as a get-out clause from their incompetence, when the comorbidities they should’ve mitigated. For we know, high-risk persons lives are dependent on quality approved primary and boosters vaccines, along with shielding. But rather than undertake such, $20B they wasted on a dead Sugar Industry, placing politics above lives. Exemplary?

As a result, no amount of gaslighting by their medical bats could convince us that what we see is nonexistent. For the numbers speak for themselves; In 5 months of APNU+AFC, there were 420 case and 21 deaths(4.2 deaths per month). In contrast, 17 months of PPP, there are 58, 196 cases and 1154 deaths(68 deaths per month).Which is exemplary?

Then painfully we’re positioned top 5 in Death per capita in Caricom, so much so that America classify us as Level 4 Covid-19 dangerous. Exemplary?

Now our hospitals and schools are being overrun with Covid-19, such that many schools are forced close, while hospitals are of an unsafe skeleton staff. Exemplary?

Additionally, our teachers and students are dying, with children having been education denied for 21+ months. Exemplary?

But this is much more than APNU+AFC and PPP. This is about our people in perennial mourning. A people crying out for psychological support, desperately in need of psychologists to address the undercurrent of Covid-19 mental illness. A people that need specialists, and not gaslighting medical bats, to rescue them from this Covid-19 abyss.

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