A Guyanese foodie who loves cooking & has a name for herself

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On her website she describes herself as having a “real passion for cooking, especially traditional Caribbean recipes with deep roots!”
Althea was born in Guyana and at age 18 migrated to the United States with her parents. Her love for Guyanese dishes and interest in giving others the same experience have influenced her decision to create the blog https://metemgee.com/ . Guyanese and citizens from around the world can prepare and participate in the Guyanese culture through this virtual yet intimate setting. A visit to the blog feels as though you are in your kitchen.
According to Althea, as per her blog, her move to Colorado from New York, after marriage, made her aware that Guyanese foods were not easily accessible. Instead of folding her arms and giving up, she began recreating her favourite Guyanese dishes, particularly around the holidays when she desired dishes which are traditionally served during this time.
On her website she prides her craft as being able to provide “easy to follow, authentic Guyanese and Caribbean recipes with proven results and a bit of back story.” She is also a Whole30 Coach. The coach.whole30 website informs, “A Whole30 Certified Coach is your personal guide to the program, helping you navigate planning and preparing, kitchen organisation, grocery shopping, meal planning, travel and dining out, troubleshooting, tracking progress, and reintroduction

Everydayhealth.com further advises that- “The Whole30 program isn’t a diet, it’s a nutritional program. It doesn’t involve exercise, portion control, or calorie counting. It focuses on eating whole foods for 30 days to improve health. While you may lose weight on it, that isn’t the intent of the program.”
A visit to Althea’s page is bound to stir up memories of childhood, the hard but rewarding labour of preparing all those meals and the joy of kinship that Christmas brings to a Guyanese family. You would find the favourite recipes such as pepperpot, black cake, gluten free black cake and plait bread for those who have an allergic reaction to gluten, garlic pork (chicken or beef for those who don’t eat pork or want to try another meat/poultry), etc.
Althea’s page brings that traditional Christmas feeling into your homes, especially when you are away from home (Guyana) and yearn for the benefit and opportunity to create that unique Guyanese Christmas experience. She also promotes the dishes of other Caribbean countries and runs an e-commerce (shop) which is linked to Amazon but offers insight into the ‘tools’ of her trade.

In Addition to the Guyanese food experience the page also carried issues related to Whole30, Paleo, Gluten Free and Instant Pot versions of Althea’s popular recipes. This Yuletide season, which every culture celebrates in unique ways, Guyanese can only feel pride at Althea’s effort to keep this part of the culture (food) alive and on show for the world to see, learn and participate. (Internet)


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