Mass exit at GuySuCo

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Dear Editor

I would be grateful if you could publish this letter which expresses my concern over what is taking place in GuySuCo. This can only be described as a coup d’etat, whereby the CEO has taken full dictatorial control over the corporation.

He commenced working in September 2020 and in a most brazen and arrogant style claimed that he would purchase tractors for Guysuco which were never properly evaluated. Several managers, including the Finance Director opposed this move and this precipitated this Director’s downfall. He was eventually sidelined and all finance matters were done by the CEO. Eventually he left. This was exit No 1.

He was replaced by a successor until March 2021 when an individual was employed and given most of the functions of the Finance Department. This was a specially created position. The head of Finance who should have been the successor was sidelined and after he was ridiculed and threatened he subsequently resigned. This was Exit No 2.


He was immediately replaced by the individual employed in March who it is alleged is a good friend of the Boss. Another person who was employed five months ago was placed in another senior position.

Meanwhile, the Estate Manager at Skeldon made it absolutely clear that he cannot work with the CEO and resigned. This was Exit No 3.

The Head of Human Resources did not agree with the employment practices and severance of workers’ employment by the CEO and out of frustration he resigned. This was Exit No 4.

He was replaced by someone who it is claimed is very sympathetic to the CEO.

Two of the most senior engineers were sent packing by the CEO and were never replaced. Exit No 5 and 6.

Next, the Head of Procurement who served with distinction for many years was ridiculed and embarrassed in the presence of 25 other persons. She was left in tears and resigned. Exit No 7.

She was replaced by a person with little knowledge of Guysuco’s procurement systems and it is alleged that he is one of the boys.

Two senior procurement managers resigned out of frustration and one was chased out of the Training Building. Exit Number 8 and 9. They were replaced by inexperienced persons.

The Senior Communications Officer who refused an illegal instruction was dismissed. This was Exit No 10. The Head of Information Systems who was frustrated by the actions of the CEO resigned with three other persons from the same department. This Exit 11 to 14. Four persons resigned from the Ogle Diagnostic Center after being embarrassed by the CEO. Exits No 14 to 18.

In addition to the above, two positions for Directors were created in the Field and Factory for just 3 factories which is absolutely unnecessary and costly.

In addition, over 50 persons were uprooted and transferred willy-nilly to other locations across the Industry, irrespective of their children’s education. Mr Editor, the above can easily be verified by Guysuco and the stakeholders. This is unprecedented that within one year that 4 heads of Department, 1 Director and 1 Estate Manager, among other senior staff, have all quit because of the actions and deliberate manipulations of the CEO.

In summary, all the key positions in Guysuco are acting and in order to be confirmed in those positions these persons must be completely subservient to the CEO. This is the hijacking of Guysuco and gives absolute power to the CEO.

The CEO is now boasting that the President has sent him to Guysuco until 2025. It therefore means that he is above the Board and the Minister. Mr Editor, I don’t know if the Government is oblivious of these happenings in the sugar belt and I am certain that by 2025 there will not be an Industry that they can boast of with the current scenario. Voters of the PPP will diminish more than in 2011 and 2015, The Coalition will have a field day. Finally, Mr President, how many more complaints have to be made publicly before any decisive action is taken.

Yours sincerely,
Name and address supplied.

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