Hopeless hope

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Installed to lead weren’t elected to lead, neither were those who inherited power to lead. In fact, the leaders of the installed leaders were of dollars but no sense, evidenced in the fatuous decisions made. For lockdowns they abolished, emancipating Covid, to entomb the masses. Then of no thought, face-masks were unmasked as social distancing transitioned social intimacy. Thus of little surprise, isolation evolved congregation and for carnal gratifications, brothels, hotels, and strip-clubs, were duly unlocked.

But in so doing, confronted the misleaders of cortical limitations were, by a most consequential decision for which voluminous ethanol was consumed, further unthinking an already unthinking process. Thus, this most consequential decision they unresolved, through gibberish over decanted rum bottles- KEEP THEM CLOSE. KEEP ALL SCHOOLS CLOSED.

Ten Commandments

But Moses of limitless vocabulary, was entrusted to edify, having been exalted King Solomon wise. For Cerebrally Endowed is he, with linguistics positioned north of the Cerebrally Denied, thus his teaching they disparaged indecipherable Chinese. Therefore Moses moderated, to impart knowledge of painless parables; educational hysteresis, intensive and extensive margins. But such the Cerebrally Denied found most enigmatic, thus the complicated was further deconstructed to facilitate comprehension-SCHOOLS CLOSURE WILL NEGATIVELY IMPACT OUR CHILDREN.


But even of pulverised semantics, the Cerebrally Denied were steadfastly pig obstinate, leaving Moses no choice but to forewarned the masses. Thus he sermonised on the societal burdens of extended schools closure vis-a-vis educational, social, economic and psychological afflictions. Then a binary path to redemption was theirs- Renounce money worship and abide by his Ten Commandments thereunder;

Thou shalt manage Covid-19 to facilitate SAFE reopening of schools ASAP.

Thou shalt adhere to WHO guidance for safe reopening of schools.

Thou shalt develop Covid-19 policies to guide schools.

Thou shalt provide psychological support and surveillance for our children.

Thou shalt have Covid-19 free transport for our children.

Thou shalt extend school-hours and reduce school holidays, to address education deficit

Thou shalt provide a tablet per child, with internet and educational software, to consolidate in-class learning.

Thou shalt provide personal tutors, paid for by the state, for children with significant education deficit.

Thou shalt undertake an independent review, to guide policy, of Covid-19 impact on our children’s education.

Thou shalt bury consolidated curriculum in a unmarked grave.

But the Cerebrally Denied remained Pharaoh recalcitrant, albeit facing an apocalypse. In fact, both their education mislead, Priya and de facto leader, Dacta refused to acknowledge Moses’ teaching, thus continued their brainless ways.


Then a night of stars, with Pradoville of parties, pints and pork, God of a heavenly locale, looked upon the Cerebrally Denied with rage. For men were lovers of men. Women lovers of women. Men lovers of multiple women. Women lovers of multiple men. But none was lovers of the education denied children.

Indeed, this inflamed God’s wrath, lambasting the Cerebrally Denied with judgement of earth shattering thunder, heightened by reverberating roars. Then of retribution, God visited the education deniers with fire and brimstones for our children severe learning losses, increased schools drop-out, and being at the lowest level of educational engagement.

But the education deniers never envisaged this God of love transitioning ranging anger, so petrified they were of the impending interrogation.

“With my children being of low learning activities engagement, without face-to-face attendance, why hadn’t you foreseen this would’ve significantly impacted learning outcomes and human capital accumulation?”

“Why you dismissed the long-lasting negative effects on social mobility and inequality, for low socioeconomic children, with school closures for 21+ months?”

“Why feign surprise with 1,000+ primary school pupils having dropped out from the public school system over the past year, along with a similar pattern at the secondary school level, when your sterling over schooling policy is causative?”

….then of hallelujah, conclusion was theirs, as God of ebony facies and wool hair, levitated to the heavens.

Hope is hopeless

And with immediacy was the unpalatable Pigheaded Priya’s of feral lineage, transition. “We can no longer continue with the level of distancing because this thing where you come in – one day a week, two days a week – isn’t working.”

But Moses sniggered at Lady Inept, who once boast of practicing science. Thus he released a parallel statement thereunder, to guide her future releases;

“Since schools reopened, we’ve been collecting Covid-19 data, which informed that the early days were of high numbers of Covid-19 cases, isolation, quarantining and hospitalisations. To address this, the vaccine programme was escalated and Public Health Practices were reinforced in all schools.

As we speak, the aforestated parameters have markedly improved, which informs this decision to cautiously move to Stage-2 of full school reopening.”

But Priya cared less about such standards, thus recommenced her unintelligible gibberish. “We can’t finish a curriculum and if we can’t finish the curriculum, we are failing you, it means that you’re going into the exams room unprepared and so next year, come January 3..all be expected to come out to school fully.”

Disregarding the poor sentence construction, Moses challenged the content;

“Firstly, of your 21+ months school closure, wasn’t that failing our students? Secondly, shouldn’t SAFE school reopening be your primary aim, which looks unlikely with your harum-scarum approach?

Never proactive

The fact is, as our children’s futures went up in flames, PPP were of meaningless gesture politics, BECAUSE WE CARE. But from experiences we knew they careless, evidenced in our low socioeconomic children being cheated of their only social mobility route. Then further compounding their insensitivity, was placing pittances of $19,000 (US$95) in their hands, having not placed anything in their brain for 18+ months.

But this World Bank report is most damning, bringing to the fore the critical role schools play in socially, physically and psychologically supporting our high-risk children. And for this reason, PPP reopening schools as an afterthought, is most unforgivable.

As a matter of fact, this PPP education crisis was foretold in these very Mark’s take columns, even as some in the teaching profession turned a blind eye, self-identifying as moderate and free thinker, with inconsequential narratives of “American misadventure and Lessons from Afghanistan,” at a time when our children were without school for 18+ months. But in Dr. Martin Luther King we’ve the perfect rebuttal,“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”For most certainly, Dr. King was no quasi-intellectual, moderate free thinker who sipped wine with the oppressors at night, then sat with the oppressed at day.

But this World Bank report has internationalised PPP true mindset-BECAUSE WE CARELESS. So true to form, Pigheaded Priya went scurrying for another brainless response; “We can no longer continue with the level of distancing…”

But her moronic solution says it all-Pack all our children into unsafe, Omicron classrooms. In fact, this her helter-skelter wishy-washy modus operandi, evidenced PPP never had a plan, rather simply making it up as they went along. Unfortunately, what’s being made up is only fit for the sewage but certainly not schools.

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