‘Now is the time for quality leadership’

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—-Van West-Charles promises to arrest issues of race, inequity, corruption 

Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, in his quest to become the next Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) has vowed to address racism, inequity and corruption within society.

In his address, during the launch of his campaign in Linden last Saturday Dr. Van West-Charles said now is the time for quality leadership, a category of leadership which has an intolerance for economic disenfranchisement, barriers to opportunities for young people, increase in poverty and all forms of ethnic marginalisation.

He said while it is important to address the plethora of issues Guyanese continue to face under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) regime, it is equally important for members and supporters alike to ensure that the PNCR is equipped with a leadership that could frontally address those issues.


“We must fight for change and fight to rebuild the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) as a potent political force capable of taking on the tasks we have identified pertinent to our peace, stability and growth as a nation,” Dr. Van West-Charles said.

Describing PNCR as a political machinery, Dr. Van West-Charles said it has the power to achieve a better Guyana for all, however, he emphasized the need for it to be placed in “safe” hands.

“Comrades, this is a task for all of us. I cannot do it alone and neither can you. But together Yes! We can. This is our moment; our time and we must do what we must. The future of our party is at stake, the future of our members and supporters is at stake and so is the future of our beloved country,” he stressed.

Dr. Van West-Charles said under his leadership, the PNCR will become an organized force with all involved.

“I say this because the solutions we arrive at will be based on contributions from our members, our supporters and Guyanese at large. This is how we shall establish our Vanguard position. We believe that the politics of Partnership and Coalitions are relevant and the PNCR will continue to play its leadership role at all levels, that being the community, the region and nationally. This is the history of our political struggles. Additionally, we shall welcome investors who are interested in growing our economy with respect for all of our citizens,” he detailed.

Dr. Van West-Charles also underscored the need for the PNCR to confront the “ethnic cleavage” which has put the country on a treadmill of development.

“We have to be open and have dialogue which will give us strategic directions where we can understand the insecurities of all ethnic groups and be able to confront them with a view to peaceful resolution. All Guyanese need that reassurance, that confidence that the pursuit of the creation of wealth cannot be stymied by the expressions of racial animosity and where those expressions exist there must be a collective intolerance for same,” he reasoned.

Putting the “enemies” on notice, he said at the end of the 21st Biennial Congress in December, the PNCR will emerge with new leadership which will be ready to confront the haughty enemy.

“We will not be daunted by acts of political bullyism, economic marginalisation and misuse of state apparatus to harm us or intimidate us into submission,” he said.

However, he said PNCR comprises of individuals who desire peace not conflict.

“We want ethnic harmony, national unity, and equity in the distribution of the national pie. We want social, economic and political justice, respect for Rights and the Rule of Law. Our interest must be in the growth and development of Guyana where each and every Guyanese will have his or her fair share and a better quality of life,” he said.

In the absence of PNCR at the helm, he said Guyanese have witnessed firsthand the lack of transparency and accountability in the government’s attempt to bring relief in the case of COVID-19 and the flooding. The situation, he contended, is compounded with blatant discrimination against any Guyanese who wore the badge of APNU+AFC or the PNCR in particular. However, he vowed that the party will continue to tackle these issues.

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