Due diligence needed in vetting nominees for UK High Commission

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Dear Editor,

It has been over fifteen months since this administration took power. There has not been any appointee to London or Brussels as yet. When will these and other posts be filled? Who will be the UK High Commissioner? Will there be proper vetting or will the government embarrass itself and nominate someone with a fake (or kak) degree? We have had enough individuals with kak degrees in high positions; they have been disasters. One with a kak doctorate ran Guysuco some time ago and look what happened to that company. When I engaged that individual some time ago, there was something amiss about his intellect and management ability. I suspected right away he was a fraud doctor. Investigations revealed later on that he bought a doctorate from a university without walls – in other words a kak degree.

One does not need a degree for a diplomatic appointment although educational training is an asset. A kak degree is not an asset – it is a characteristic of fraud and dishonesty. Such a character should be rejected for any appointment. Individuals with genuine degrees should be preferred.

While it is not known who is being touted for Guyana’s high commissioner’s position to the United Kingdom, rumour circulating is someone with a kak degree (calling himself doctor) is being given the nod. People posted as top diplomat have an agenda – advocate for developmental assistance, skills transfer, investment, etc. Whoever is the person, he or she must be skilled and competent in diplomacy, international relations, trade, business, and the like. He or she must be able to promote Guyana for investment and champion developmental assistance especially in the oil and energy sector. Moreover, the person must be of impeccable integrity, excellent educational background, and one without a sordid past and one who the country has confidence. A person with a kak degree would lack those skills.


Accrediting nations, especially UK and the EU, should conduct due diligence on the character of the nominee. Character should also include a check on claims of educational background. The nations should reject anyone who claims to have a doctorate that is not from an accredited university.

Yours truly,
Calvin Braithwaite

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