Monthly Stock Activity Report-October 2021

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By Rawle Lucas

Trading Frequency
In the month of October, six stocks were active. Figure 1 below shows that the most active stocks were those of DIH and RBL which traded in each of the four trading periods during the month. The stocks of DDL and DTC traded twice during the month while those of BTI and SPL traded once. DBL, CBI and CCI continue to lag in trading activity with zero trades.

Trading Volume
A total of 305,278 shares were traded in October 2021. The stocks of DIH were the most dominant with 189,093 or 61.941 percent shares changing hands. Following DIH was DDL with 90,250 or 29.563% of its shares traded. A total of 19,350 or 6.322 percent of shares that changed hands in the month of October belonged to RBL. A much lower volume of 4,000 or 1.310% of all trades was exhibited by the stocks of SPL while BTI had 2,000 of its shares traded and accounted for 0.655% of the trades. The stocks of DTC accounted for 635 or 0.208% of the shares that were traded in October 2021.


The liquidity generated in the month of October amounted to G$48.537 million and was spread among six companies as could be seen in Figure 3. DIH, DDL and RBL accounted for 91.69 percent of the liquidity gotten from the stock trades. Sellers of DIH would have gotten 46.70 percent of the liquidity while sellers of DDL stocks would have garnered 24.14 percent. The liquidity gotten from the sale of RBL shares was 20.85 percent of the total for the month. The shares of the remaining three companies, BTI, DTC and SPL contributed 8.31 percent of the liquidity generated. The shares of BTI accounted for 3.30 percent, SPL accounted for 2.60 percent while the shares of DTC contributed 2.42 percent.Growth in Market Capitalization
Three stocks in the Lucas Stock Index (LSI) traded this first period of November 2021 with none of them, once again, registering a gain. The three traded stocks were again DIH, DTC and RBL. With their prices unmoved, the market capitalization of the nine stocks in the LSI continues to languish at G$548.458 billion this week. As such, the respective values of the active and inactive stocks remained at last week’s levels.

Stocks in the index are now being classified by the size of their market capitalization and are displayed in tabular form below. With the addition of DIH to the large-cap stocks category, this group of stocks has assumed the dominant share of market value with 49.282 percent of the share. The share of the mid-cap stocks stands at 34.182 percent. The small-cap stocks continued to move up to reach 13.729 percent of the value of the LSI while the micro-cap stocks remain unenergetic at 2.807 percent.

Tax Advantage of Stock Trades
Three stocks traded in the first trading period of November 2021. A higher volume of 117,617 stocks in the Lucas Stock Index traded this week as against 94,450 last week. The higher trade volume resulted in investors enjoying tax benefits of G$7.384 million this week. The stocks of RBL accounted for 77.93 percent of the tax gains while those of DIH accounted for 20.241 percent of the tax gains. DTC accounted for the remaining 1.829 percent of the gain. With 44 weeks of trading gone, the tax gains for investors have amounted to an estimated G$313.95 million.

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