The looming Sputnik-V re-vaccination crisis

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The rumination of our childhood vernacular was of cattle’s doubly digestive process. Now decades thereafter, its semantics has evolved beyond our prepubescent characterisation, to be counted among psychology jargons.

Moreover, rumination has transitioned education, albeit of negative connotations in superficial learning. For these connotations have been disquieting to educationist, leading to ameliorative strategies to foster in-depth understanding.

Notably, in recent years education rumination has metamorphosed political, with variant more identifiable with herbivorous rumination, albeit one distinction. Wherefore, herbivorous ruminants internalise ruminated matter, political ruminants, externalise ruminated matter for internalisation by other political ruminants, to misinform disinformation. Indeed, this strategy has become a favoured tool in disseminating propaganda and disinformation.

Russia’s doping
Putin’s Russia of disinformation is banned from all international sporting events, consequence of state sponsored doping. For the unanimous ruling of the three-judge panel of the Court of Arbitration for Sport are troubling; Russia Anti-Doping Agency failed to provide authentic drug-test data upon request by the World Anti-Doping Agency. And this is instructive in the Sputnik-V controversy.


Sputnik Cold War
By compulsion, Russia exist in a Cold War bubble, in which Sputnik-V was meant to channel Cold War dogma, through vaccine diplomacy. But the Americans disrupted the masterplan in announcing the then imminent release of Pfizer, forcing an expedited Sputnik-V unveiling. But of obstruction was Sputnik-V clinical trials status, which was duly prematurely concluded. The result is, a half-baked Sputnik-V 0f no data was presented, as the first Covid-19 vaccine. For this reason, Sputnik-V encountered difficulties, which were remediated by fabrications, evidenced in the BMJ. And this the underpinning, Russia rather death than coming second to the Cold War enemy.

Sputnik-V approval travails
And obvious it’s, Sputnik-V approval travails, chronicled in the international media, is of Russia’s own making.

For a Newsweek article on the 10th October titled, “WHO, Russia disagree over status of country’s Sputnik V vaccine.”

In said article, the Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko stated the “disagreements” with the WHO have been resolved, regarding Sputnik-V, paving the way for imminent approval. But this conflicted with the WHO position, of Sputnik-V being under review, thus approval not imminent.

Then after a October 2nd meeting with the WHO Director General, the said Russian Health Minister stated that “all barriers have been removed” for further review of Sputnik-V.

In response on, an October 5th phone interview, WHO spokeswoman Daniela Bagozzi reiterated that only the WHO’s technical advisory group on emergency use listings, not the WHO Director General, has final say on whether a vaccine obtains emergency approval.

Then, “Once WHO receives the full amount of data that it needs, when production sites have been inspected, and when the data is deemed to meet WHO criteria, the group can schedule a meeting to validate a candidate vaccine for an emergency use listing. No such meeting has been set for Sputnik V.”

Thereafter, “As with other candidate vaccines, WHO continues to assess Sputnik-V vaccines from different manufacturing sites and will publish decisions on their EUL status when all the data are available and the review is concluded”

And with Newsweek being the main source, corroboration was sought from other news outlets.

Headline: “EUL update on Sputnik-V”

Media: on 22nd October.
“WHO welcomes Russian Direct Investment Fund’s signing of all the legal agreements necessary for the EUL assessment. We look forward to receiving the full data for analysis and for the continuation of the assessment process.

The applicant and the manufacturers also agreed to submit updated corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) to address the original inspection observations. An onsite follow up inspection to verify adequate implementation of CAPAs will occur once the CAPAs have been received and reviewed.”

Headline: “EXCLUSIVE: EU decision on Russia’s Sputnik V shot ‘impossible’ this year”

Media: on 21st October.

Credible sources informed that Sputnik-V Emergency Use (EU) decision is unlikely before the first quarter of 2022.

Headline: “EU Postpones Approval of Russian Sputnik-V until next year”

Media: on 21st October.

Russia missed deadline for submission of the necessary data, for a November review.

Headline: “Sputnik V: WHO suspends approval process for COVID vaccine due to ‘manufacturing’ concerns:” on 20th Sept.

Serious concerns at manufacturing plants.

Headline: “An E.U. official blames Russia for delays in approving the Sputnik-V”

Media: on 8th October.

“The Russian authorities have repeatedly delayed inspections by the European Union’s main drug regulator that are required for the approval of its Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine,” the bloc’s ambassador Markus Ederer to Russia told the country’s news media.”

Headline: Russia, WHO differ on when approval will come for Sputnik-V

Media: apnews. com on 13th October

“Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Kirill Dmitriev states that with WHO approval, Russia will donate 300 million doses of Sputnik-V to WHO COVAX. He said he expects WHO’s approval to come in the next two months”

“But Dr. Mariangela Simao, the WHO’s assistant director-general for access to health products, wouldn’t make any commitment to that timetable. She said the approval process for Sputnik V is currently on hold. “We will reopen the assessment, which includes the submission of the data in the dossier — it’s still incomplete — and resuming the inspections in the sites in Russia.

The timeline will depend when we get these legal procedures done and then we will be able to assess, with the applicant and the manufacturer, what would be the next step and how long it will take, Simao said at a briefing in Geneva.” “So we don’t know yet.”

Facing mountainous questions on Sputnik-V, Dr. Anthony had this to say;

“From the information that we have received and we have been in a meeting, an international meeting, we were told that the Sputnik V vaccine was scheduled for WHO approval sometime in late November, the latest by the first week in December, so if they hold to that schedule, then the WHO should approve the vaccine”

Thus we shall deconstruct.

Firstly, what “international meeting” Dr. Frank Anthony is alluding to? Two possibilities;

WHO technical advisory group on EUL: This is unlikely since the body doesn’t indulge politicians.

The Russians: Likely reassurance was sought on Sputnik-V, and aware of their ruminating disposition, the Russians advised that approval will be in a month or two. And having consumed of the Russian grass, the archetypical ruminants task Dr. Anthony with ruminating on behalf of the herd.

For these are the inescapable facts.

Russia is withholding data on Sputnik-V since February. Why?

Russia not abiding by agreed deadlines in addressing manufacturing deficiencies. Why?

Russia is campaigning for public rather WHO approval. Why?

Russia is offering WHO a 300 million doses of Sputnik-V, as quid pro quo for approval. Why?


The fact is, PPP was aware of the concerns surrounding Sputnik-V, which I expounded on, months ago.

Nevertheless, travel restrictions are the least of our burdens, for Sputnik-V effectiveness is in question, evidenced by the high numbers of double vaccinated who’ve died. Now re-vaccination looms large with Sputnik-V WHO approval appears unattainable.

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