PPP’s stubbornness

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And this analogy we must explore, since germane it’s, in psychoanalysing a group who’s as stubborn as donkeys.

For this our starting point, a route clear as Russian vodka, of no hairpin turns or insurmountable hills. In fact, this your destination, the daycare pickup is usually your wife’s, but today it’s yours. Thus with verbal routing, predating GPS, the destination of the final house, of houses of green on the cul de sac Pfizer Avenue, was sought. Then of cruise mode, most cautiously you drove with the road your eyes and Tupac your ear. And then, there on the horizon, converged by twinned visual sensors, was the photorealistic image of a cul-de-sac, but most heart wrenchingly, houses of white. So paused you did, being of binary options;

Continue on the patently wrong route, being of asinine conviction that houses of white will magically metamorphose green.

Seek guidance from your wife, the bastion of wisdom, to inform correct route.


And now of dual internalisation, intuitively binary options and heavy heart were weighed against the Albert Einstein’s appraisal gold standard, of quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.”


For this analogy is of purpose or rather purposes, in exploring the minds of a people who never had a plan. And devoid of a plan, they recklessly hauled us unto this Covid-19 crisis superhighway, then like deers in the speeding headlights, were paralysed on facing inevitable death. But this’s our tragedy, the deers in the headlights, of equivalence jackasses on the Pradovilles Highway, aren’t the ones dying- WE ARE!

Thus, to the point I will get and must get, for Covid-19 is taking lives, lungs and livelihoods. In fact, a humanitarian, economic, social, psychological, health …crisis. A crisis of crises. For this they knew, so wasn’t new but the Jackasseries cluelessly, brainlessly and hopelessly ate of grass, and did nothing. And as the eaten grass ruminated from stomach to stomach, Covid-19 was leaving the masses deceased, disabled and depressed. But WHO with concern provided a lifeline of Covid-19 repellent under the all encompassing Public Health Practices;
Face mask
Social distancing
Avoiding social gatherings
Hand washing

In fact, the aforementioned Public Health Practises were tried and tested, now pilfered from 1918 Pandemic archives. And they were the People Pilfering Party’s without cost, but astonishingly all they rejected. Thus, inaction they maintained, as Covid-19 mangled anybody and everybody, even as a distressingly concerned WHO took note and took notes.

Jackasseries sweet woman

But as the PPP wallowed in petty politics the rest of the world had eyes for the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials, cognisant that it’s first come first serve. In fact, not dissimilar to the game chick-chick, clinical trials of promise saw the Covid Clevers make wagers, such that as vaccines exited the pharmaceutical ovens they unhesitatingly collected and injected.

In fact, as the Covid Clevers were vaccines hugging, the Jackasseries were inseparably sweet woman hugging. For billions upon billions they invested in a sweet woman who hasn’t been with child, predating Burnham’s mass games, despite unfailingly trying from sunup to sundown. Then cockily parading full defiance of conventional wisdom, the sugar daddies staggered drunk in love, in-hand with sweet woman, while the Covid Clevers secured in-hand the best vaccines.

So with their immeasurable foolery, it didn’t take an eternity for the Chinese and Indians to learn of the Jackasseries, potential vessels for their vaccine diplomacy. Thus, proposition was made, dotted lines signed then experimental vaccines for us guinea pigs were in begging bowls. But WHO heard and of concern provided the Jackasseries 20% in COVAX, along with a gentle reprimand on the dangers of the unapproved. As expected, the Feral Jackasseries didn’t take this reprimand lightly, thus demanded WHO forever move for the Jackasseries can now vaccine approve. In fact, this refusal to change course was most catastrophic, with exponential increases in hospitalisations and deaths.


By now the jackasseries are in a quandary, not helped by King Jackassery incessantly whining over his constipated economy. In fact, King Jackassery is years without a Queen bastion of wisdom, who he banished for insubordination, of insistence on sleeping in the matrimonial bed, rather than the throne. But her vacuum, King Jackassery satisfied with men of intellectual muscles, who have consistently counselled flexibility in positions, to minimise discomfort. But King Jackassery remained rigid in posture, even as he continued to whine and whine and whine about his constipated economy.

Then most astoundingly, contrary to intellectual muscular counsel, King Jackassery inflicted unbearable discomfort on his recalcitrant Subjects in decreeing that only Subjects of PPP approved vaccines, with confirmatory certification, can access his buildings. And with decree, immediately barricades were erected, followed by lockouts. And lockouts. And lockouts. But the Subjects were steadfast on only WHO approved vaccines, even as a Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations continued spiralling. As a result, the Jackasseries further escalated their lockouts, for which Subjects were segregated based on vaccination status, reminiscent of the Apartheid and Jim Crowe days, nonetheless Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations continued to increase exponentially.

But pause we must, for most obvious to us rationals the Jackasseries are on the wrong track, yet most inflexibility rather than change course, they’ve escalated the lockouts, even as they invite their business cronies to join in the act. But actions are with consequences, such that pervasive lockouts depleted locks storage, wherefore worried working husbands refused to leave their homes with unlocked chastity belts, further constipating King Jackassery’s economy.

For obvious to all, the lockout interventions are nothing short of a tragic abysmal failure, since Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations continue to spiral, with September registering a 250% increase. But these are desperate times, thus the Jackasseries instituted desperate and brainless measures in constructing a hospital above the once rejected APNU+AFC hospital. Further, they erected field hospitals on every available squatting land. But pause again we must, why are the Jackasseries hammering, nailing, painting, screwing, inserting and sweating in constructing hospitals when it’s easier and cheaper to get WHO vaccines? Are we missing something here?

King Jackassery vs the People

For this an impasse, King Jackassery vs The People, in which I’ve been appointed interlocutor. But before such an undertaking, the contentious Covid-19 cock-ups must be revisited.

1. WHO recommended only approved vaccines.

2. King Jackassery disagreed, hence purchased Sputnik-V

3. The Subjects rejected Sputnik-V, since not WHO approved.

4. King Jackassery implemented his lockouts.

5. The Subjects stood firm.

5. Lockouts, deaths and hospitalisations all increased exponentially.

Thus of intellectual muscles, which would be the most appropriate recommendation for King Jackassery?

A. Further escalate lockouts.

B. Nationally mandate Sputnik-V.

C. Construct additional Covid-19 hospitals

D. Construct additional Covid-19 morgues.

E. Buy WHO approved Covid-19 vaccines.

And with this we rest our case- For the definition of a Jackass is one who does the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

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