Viewpoint | Ali trapped in the shadow of Jagdeo is an embarrassment to all

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In typical PPP style the world was fed another serving of deceit and pretense that the Irfaan Ali regime cares about national unity and is prepared to champion the cause of Black people in Guyana. No statement is further from the truth than this. But whereas the goodwill projected on the stage of the United Nations (UN) may fool some of the people or serve well the regime’s agenda, African Guyanese and the less gullible are not fooled by the masquerade witnessed on the international stage the past few days.
Of all the issues that could have been addressed at the UN, Ali provided comedic relief advancing his government’s support for Reparative Justice for the descendants of slaves in Guyana. Appearing before other world leaders, these are the exact words scripted for him to present to present to international body: – “Guyana is committed to gaining international reparations for the crime of African enslavement. Reparative justice must not only include a full and unconditional apology from those responsible and/or who benefitted from the transatlantic trade in captive Africans and their consequent enslavement, but must go beyond apology.”

It is not surprising to African Guyanese his tongue could not easily roll off the word “reparative,” as hard as he tried. All that his mind could have allowed him to articulate is the sound ‘re-pa-ra-ra-tive,’ a word that does not exist is any known vocabulary. Evidently, the gods were provoked by his deceptive attempt to speak to a word that he has no genuine care for. It was though the power of the gods came down on him and tied his tongue rather than have him advance a lie at that international forum.
The Bible reminds that a lying tongue is an abomination. It is the belief of many that had Ali got that word out, he and his Vice President, Bharat Jagdeo, another notable deceiver, would have been struck by fire and brimstone. They were on sacred ground, in an august body, that champions the rights of the downtrodden, the deprived, and marginalised of the world. This was definitely not a place for them, and the deceit was exposed by unseen power, interceding on our behalf.
It would have been better had Ali and his Vice President, who was similarly struck by the gods with “orgasm” instead of organism, prepared to the tell the UN of their government plan of delivering equality, social, economic, and political justice in Guyana. The truth is they have none. Guyanese, particularly African Guyanese and the poor across ethnic lines, continue to see basic rights, freedoms and human dignity slipping further away under the Ali/Jagdeo regime.

Instead of entangling themselves with issues of African reparation, which they have no good intent towards, they must turn their attention to domestic matters which they have control over. They should leave matters of reparations in the capable hands of notable Africans and others in the international community, who are vested, loyal and committed to anti-Black oppression. Let them put their house in order first. They are in the seat of power in Guyana.
Let them address, in an inclusionary manner, the management of the pandemic that would restore confidence and cooperation with efforts that would limit the spread of the virus and reduce associated deaths and sufferings. Let them address equitable COVID-19 relief measures and provide caring and compassionate services to all individuals and communities based on needs.
Let them address the needs of the pensioners; the public servants and teachers who keep the engine of government turning and are trapped in a poverty circle. Let them address the plight of the homeless, mentally ill, and victims of substance abuse, many of whom are on the streets suffering unsightly and dangers to themselves and society. They should address those state associated murders, corruption and other state excesses.

Let them settle the continuing and rising grievances caused by marginalisation and oppression of workers’ rights, and other injustices meted out to the Guyanese labour force. They must create the environment for a safe, healthy society for our children to grow and develop their true potential. Let them bring an end to vindictive governance and creation of disunity among our peoples. Let them create an inclusive Guyana.
What we saw the last few days on the international scene is no comfort to Guyanese. Not only did we see twisted tongues from both, dropping and adding syllable to words and inappropriate choice of words, we saw the President of Guyana for who he truly is- existing only in the shadow of the Vice President who is living his third term. This is usurpation of presidential power, a disgrace to the Guyanese, Muslim, PPP, communities and the Ali family to suffer such indignities not permitted in the Constitution and violates the fundamental concept of what an election is all about.


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