Schools reopen closure

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In this information age where our every action and word is reproducible decades thereafter, imperative it’s that those holding Public Offices be judicious in word and action, which in many cases may necessitate a realignment of both comportment and deportment.

Even more importantly, is the awareness of personality types, which arguably should be a part of the skill set of public servants. For some personalities are gifted a photographic memory such that in discourse, those public servants of the talk much but think little predisposition, will be of perennial public discomfiture. In fact, the aforementioned cohort is of the propensity to verbalise with thoughts many times circumventing cerebral cortex registering and filtering, before vocal cord engagement. Of consequence, they would experience immediate distressing amnesia of antecedent thought, word and action.

Protected feral blaster

Thus, in contextualising- A photographic memory of information technology augmentation has unearthed once buried in Priya Manickchand’s political past, not so humanly indiscretions.


Locale: American Ambassador’s residence.

Date: 4th July, 2014

Occasion: America’s 238 independence anniversary.

Victim: US Ambassador Brendt Hardt

Aggressor: Priya Manickchand

For Priya Manickchand, of most undiplomatic language, reminded the Ambassador of the inscrutable methodologies exploited, in his conception.

Political hangover: PPP elevated Priya Manickchand to the status of democracy fighter. The extraordinarily verbose Dr. Luncheon, articulated PPP position in characterising Priya Manickchand’s utterance as a “feral blast.”

Oxford dictionary interpretation: Feral speaks to a wild beast. Blast reference forceful expulsion of air.

Priya Manickchand’s reaction to new title: Embraced it like forbidden lovers.

Sequela: Teachers’ unaware that the Feral Blaster is of a protected species, failed to reference her new title “Protected Feral Blaster,” provoking repugnance from sections of the society, with ramifications for the printed, audio and visual media.

Schools closure
As a consequence of our children having been education denied for 18+ months, the Protected Feral Blaster enjoined her Bishop to sermonise on a PPP garbage mount. And of sermon, disinformation was ours that Covid-19 hastily exited through all available airports and ports. So with Covid-19 exorcism a success, the Protected Feral Blaster prophesied that of 1st September, Guyana will be of zero Covid-19, lending to school reopening on the 6th September. But understandably, many were burdened with unease with schools reopening without mitigating WHO preparations, at the height of the deadly pandemic. But the Protected Feral Blaster, in her Mama Fiffee capacity, reprimanded all; “Unless ye be with faith of my spiritual ordinance, ye will die and schools shall be of perennial closure.”

Therein, schools were politically reopened, with the Covid classrooms welcoming our children. Then finally of seated posture, a distressing imagery of multitudinous severely emaciated lion size rodents presented to the teacher’s sitting area to report that the solitary PPP Covid-19 standpipe, being of no water, precluding rehydration or manus Covid-19 decontamination. But unbothered was the Protected Feral Blaster as the Covid classroom days counted, then on day 7 she resurrected in solemn comportment to inform of 17+ school closures;

“Every country in the world who has found a solution to get their children back in the classroom has had to deal with very similar issues.”

But an astute reporter, of photographic memory reminded the by now Perfidious Feral Blaster, of her recent Covid-19 prognostication. Further, the astute reporter took the opportunity to edify the Protected Feral Blaster that “country” is an inanimate noun hence it should be “every country which” not “every country who.” Thereafter, the linguistic reporter reminded the Protected Feral Blaster that there’s only one world, thus for “every country in the world,” “world” is redundant, since “every country” would suffice. Finally, the forthright reporter informed the Protected Feral Blaster that she didn’t “find a solution to get our children back in the classroom,” she simply dumped them in.

Of no surprise, the Protected Feral Blaster of stratum, talk much but think little, had no recollection of such prognostication, for said brainless pronouncement wasn’t cerebrally registered. And now of toxic effect on being intellectually undressed, the Protected Feral Blaster exalted her prayers as spiritually par excellence with expected breakthroughs, since not of 100% efficacy.

Hogwash deconstructed
But the Protected Feral Blaster is certainly unaware of the paradigm shift in information technology, where her every confabulation could be fact checked, therefore relegated she is to the worse politician, predating Julius Caesar. In fact, the Protected Feral Blaster most likely was that incompetent lawyer who provided extremely poor representation for Jesus Christ on blasphemy charges, such that he punishingly carried his cross before being painfully crucified, despite having 12 credible testimonies supporting his innocence.

For any chicken thief lawyer would know that the phrase, “every country” feeds a rebuttal where the identification of just 1 out of a possible 195 countries without school closures, would disprove her confabulation. The fact is, there aren’t school closures in the UK. Not in America. Not in many Caribbean islands. Not in Canada. Not in Australia. Not in New Zealand. Not in every country.

The fact is, many countries hadn’t school closures because their legitimate Governments undertook the hard-work of ensuring that schools are WHO Covid-19 compliant. Secondly, they undertook lateral flow testing of students and staff, prior to each school day. For these tests serve to identify the Covid-19 infected, before they leave home, so once identified they’re isolated with contacts quarantine. In fact, children are mostly asymptomatic of Covid-19, which makes the Protected Feral Blaster temperature checks brainless. For she would be better off tossing a dice.

Moreover, those leaders aren’t of political slogan, “BECAUSE WE CARE.” In fact, the 18+ months education deprived children will need much more than that. And this’s key, a caring PPP would’ve made reopening of schools a priority and not an 18-months afterthought. For shockingly, the Covid Clueless placed reopening of brothels and strip clubs ahead of schools. PPP is that caring?

Because they careless, PPP insensitively reduced our children to gesture politics puppets, like if one isn’t enough, in providing pittance of $19,000 which can’t foot a night-stay in a private hospital, were the PPP Covid-19 malady is to visit their lungs, from those Covid classrooms. PPP is that caring?

Who defending our children?
For these school closures are symptomatic of a bigger problem-PPP poorly managed Covid-19 being brought into the classrooms. And this’s our warning, infecting our children, await their recovery, then return them to those Covid classrooms, isn’t an option. For the evidence is, prior infection with Covid-19 isn’t of life-long immunity, thus they can be reinfected. Now the serious and debilitating sequela of long Covid, symptomatic up to a year and possibly longer, hangs over our children’s heads. For worryingly, it’s associated with cognitive decline, impacting learning, thinking and expression. PPP is that caring?

Undeniably, it was highly irresponsible of PPP to have placed our children in those rodent and Covid-19 infested environs, having been forewarned. Now who will defend them? For the answer, I shan’t hold my breath, since defending the Protected Feral Blaster was a defence of classism, precluding our impoverished children.

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