Linden woman opens skincare company after finding solution to her own troubles  

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By Naomi Marshall 

During her journey to achieving healthy glowing skin, a 29-year-old Lindener has been able to create natural skincare products that are high-performing and gentle, for not only herself but for many other women and men. 

While growing up, Philipa Alleyne, Owner of Youphoria Bath and Body Company has always had oily sensitive skin and finding the right skin care products was continuously a challenge. 

Philipa Alleyne, Owner of Youphoria Bath and Body Company

Alleyne’s skin care journey took a huge turn some months back when she purchased a product, which instead of delivering promised results, caused her to have an acne flare. At this point, Alleyne knew that she had to take matters into her own hands and formulate a concoction to help herself. 

“I actually purchased a soap a while back but I always had problem with oily skin and that soap made it worse so I got very agitated and was like you know what, I am going to make my own skin care products and I am going to make it that it is effective, organic and over all just full of positive vibes,” Alleyne recalled. 


In February 2021, the young woman who hails from West Watooka, Wismar, Linden, began doing research on skincare, skincare products and how to formulate the best organic products. This part of her journey made Alleyne fell more in love with the idea of skincare. 

With a successful experimental stage and encouragement from family and friends, Alleyne launched her business, Youfouria Bath and Body Company on August 27, 2021. Youfouria Bath and Body Company is a local skincare brand that offers luxurious, organic and effective skincare products such as whipped body butters, whipped soaps and body scrubs. 

Youfouria Bath and Body Company’s product list consist of the ‘Cotton Candy Foaming Body Scrub’, ‘Enchanting Siren Foaming Body Scrub’, ‘Turmeric and Lemon Foaming Body Scrub’, ‘Pink Grapefruit Foaming Body Scrub’, ‘Turmeric and Lemon Whipped Body Butter’, ‘Enchanting Siren Whipped Body Butter’, Cotton Candy Whipped Cream Soap, and the ‘Exfoliating Cubes’, among others. 

Youphoria Bath and Body Company’s natural skincare products

The whipped body butters can be used to moisturize and smoothen the skin; they reduce wrinkles and stretchmarks; forms a protective barrier over the skin, and nourishes the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. 

The whipped cream soaps can be used in place of body wash and shaving cream. Meanwhile, the exfoliating cubes are used for targeted exfoliation of the armpits, knees, elbows and neck, and the body scrub are used for general exfoliation. 

“The response has been lovely. Everybody loves it, the novelty of it, the quality, the packaging and everything is loved,” Alleyne related. 

For Alleyne, skincare means more than using products such as cleansers and moisturizers. The entrepreneur said, “Skincare means doing what’s best for myself to keep my skin in good condition. And because of this it does not start and stop with cleansers or moisturizing routines, it goes deeper as to what I put in my body, how I speak to myself and what I think about, because all of these things affect my skin.” 

“It also means finding fun and enjoyable ways to do this. I love taking pictures without filters because I’m always about being the best I can be and showing my true self. 

Filters are great but glowing skin is better,” she added. 

Youphoria Bath and Body Company’s natural skincare products

With Youfouria Bath and Body Company, Alleyne plans to continue providing effective and luxurious body products for men and women. She also has her eyes on the wholesale market and wishes to have her products sold all around Guyana in the next two to five years. 

The young woman who describes herself as humble, passionate and creative is advising anyone with an idea to “just do it”. “My advice to anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur is the advice that I got from friends and family, just do it. Whether it is successful or not, it may not even be the niche or even the business that you are destined for, but that is the stepping stone taking you to what you are meant to achieve,” she stated. Person interested in contacting Philipa Alleyne can call 6957396 or message her on Instagram, Tic Tok or Facebook at YouphoriaGy.

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