When death becomes you 

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Admittedly, in Covid’s world our eyes are blinded by multitudinous data, but foremost it’s that critical eyes and thoughts are employed, disentangling the inconsequential with concentrated cognition on the consequential.

How many died?

How they died?

Were these preventable deaths?


Indeed Covid-19, August visitations were provided- 3025, with geographic breakdown, key to policymaking, counted Region-4 as our Covid-19 red-zone.

But a leader, a critical thinker, would’ve granularly examined and re-examined these data, before which dissection would’ve been mandated. And with deconstruction, the leader of critical eyes, would’ve demanded answers;

Why are our people being infected?

How many hospitalised?

How many died?

In fact, the former we know. The latter stands at 81 for August, with 34 on ventilators. And most certainly, such agonal data would’ve been concerning to a caring leader.

But inexplicable yet explicable, are the unknown and unanswered of preventable deaths, concealed but revealable, explorative of medical records-Clinical auditing. Howbeit, with Covid-19 politicised red, the transparent has been painted opaque and the opaque reddened transparent. For clinical audit they’ve referenced it but clinical audit it isn’t- Speaking to Afro-Guyanese predominantly dying from Covid, thus mandating prescriptive unarming for in arm PPP-approved vaccines. Indeed, the elephant trap we saw and eluded, thus further “audits” they’ve arrested. But most certainly, what they’ve made scarlet opaque, clinical audits can inform and reform;

How many deaths were preventable?

How many had underlying health conditions?

How many fully vaccinated?

How many immunocompromised?

How many children?

But as our children envisioned my thoughts, recalled I had that America donated 146,250 Pfizer doses. And with a windfall of scarce resource, thoughtful policy-makers would’ve ensured that vaccination answered to need, informed by science.

Nonetheless, this is our undertaking, the aforestated objective evaluation for Pfizer vaccination. And being of binary outcomes, the immunocompromised or children, the scientific argument for the latter, was first explored.

Covid in children

For this we were told- 1500 of our children are with Covid-19.

And herein the scientific studies;

In a systematic review of 7480 children with Covid, extrapolated to our data.

15% of cases were asymptomatic- 225 of our children.

81% mild-moderate symptoms- 1210 of our children.

2% severe symptoms- 30 of our children.

0.7% critical- 10 of our children.

0.08% died- one child.

Then, a pooled analysis from seven countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom, and America), found that Covid-related death in children and adolescents was rare, 0.17 per 100,000 as of February 2021.

Therefore, the unambiguous conclusion is, children rarely develop or die from severe Covid-19, hence vaccination is of minimal benefit.

Immunocompromised and Covid

Hereunder, the Immunocompromised case is reviewed and revealed;

In an Israel cohort study, of one million mRNA fully vaccinated, immunity for symptomatic COVID-19 was 75% among immunocompromised patients, compared to 94% overall.

And studies of hospitalised, fully vaccinated patients with COVID-19, identified 40% as immunocompromised.

Then the Octave Trial of 600 immunocompromised volunteers revealed, 40% had suboptimal immunity after two doses of either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer. Of those, 11% had no immunity, four weeks after two vaccine doses.

Hereinafter, a study of 658 solid organ transplant, mRNA fully vaccinated patients, revealed 46% had no immunity, 29 days after second vaccine dose.

Additionally, in several large observational studies, HIV infection was associated with more severe COVID-19, higher hospitalisation rates and in some cases, higher mortality.

Thereupon, in a Spanish multi-centre study, the mortality rate of patients with HIV and COVID-19 was nearly twice the general population.

And this’s the conclusion, the immunocompromised of higher mortality, are of suboptimal immunity after COVID-19 vaccination, hence booster vaccines could save hundreds of lives.

Consequently, the America Committee on Immunisation Practise recommended third vaccine dose, even if of two doses, at least 28 days after the second for certain immunocompromised individuals, even as several countries including France, UK, Germany, and Israel, made similar recommendations.

Politicising Pfizer

Priya Manickchand, at the launch of PPP children vaccination programme, struggled with self-containment on first exposure to quality Covid vaccines. And being of untethered excitement, burdened she was by debilitating cognitive seizures, with the accompanying oral gas release;

“… with new variants coming to our shores and attacking our people, to be hesitant about what positions to take…the science and the medicine is clear,”

Indeed, this very Priya Manickchand who speaks of science, instructed schools to develop their own Covid-19 policies, for Covid-19 will differ in each school. So checked they did, confirming SARS-CoV-2 as the solitary virus, common to all schools. Indeed, this very Priya Manickchand who speaks of science, hasn’t undertaken a single WHO preparatory work in our schools, yet the clueless unlettered speaketh with such unbridled arrogance that many in bafflement, erroneously surmised that PPP were the ones rescuing America with Pfizer.

But the medical evidence is, those immunocompromised are FORTY TIMES more likely than children to die from Covid. And with immunocompromised clinics overwhelm, the conclusion is most conclusive- Their high hospitalisations and deaths underlie the need for booster vaccinations. But unfortunately, unlike our children, they cannot provide PPP with cheap political points.

But here’s the folly in PPP “science.” Schools reopen tomorrow but children vaccination started nine days ago. So my dear Lady Science,

Based on science, how long will it take for our children’s full protection, after vaccination?- MONTHS!

Further, PPP has inadequate numbers of Pfizer to vaccinate all 12-18yr old. How will that square be circled?- BLACK MAGIC!

And what’s PPP plan when schools are prematurely closed? BLAME OUR CHILDREN!

For that’s the danger of politicising Covid whiles being unashamedly clueless.The children’s vaccine protection will take months.The schools are without WHO preparatory works. Covid deaths are increasing.Therefore, these Covid unprotected children will enter schools without any protective WHO preparatory works. The consequences will be, Covid infected children, premature school closures and return to square-one, all down to PPP incompetence.

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