AFC says Seeram, Sandy mismanaging Region 4

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…backs no confidence motions against them

The Alliance For Change has backed two no confidence motions against the chairman and vice chairman of Region Four-  a move that will further damage the relations in the coalition.
Both the chairman, Daniel Seeram and his vice chairman, Samuel Sandy.
In a press release the AFC said its Region 4 councillors on August 18, 2021 laid formal notices of “No Confidence” in the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Region Four to the Regional Executive Officer (REO) of the Region – Mr. Donald Gajraj. This action was in direct response to the continued failures and shortcomings in the management of the affairs of the People in this key geographical region.

Region Four Regional Chairman, Daniel Seeram

“Regrettably however at this morning’s (Thursday) statutory meeting, the Acting Chair disallowed a reading of the Motions on the grounds that the office of the Chairman was not served with a copy of the motions nor did they conform to the stipulated timeline.  Notwithstanding their disagreement of the interpretation of the acting Chair, the AFC Region 4 councillors will seek to remedy these defects and table the motions at the next statutory meeting of the council, AFC said in its release.

According to the party, in September 2020 the APNU+AFC coalition was elected leaders in the management of the affairs of Region 4, however nearly a year later several issues persist which highlight the fault lines within the Council and its ability to discharge their responsibility to serve the communities of Region 4.


The AFC Councillors have highlighted several grave concerns including the suspension of the Regional Administration of Committees meetings,  without any word to councillors which has created chaos and information short flows frustrating the work of the Council and causing the Council to move a motion for its reinstatement.

The alienation and exclusion of the AFC and its representatives by the Chair is seen in that he currently holds Chairmanship of key committees including the Tourism Committee which to date has never met as well as  the Drainage & Irrigation committee. The Chairman is currently the sole representative on the Sea Defence Board of the Ministry of Public Works, the National Drainage & Irrigation Authority (NDIA), the  Board of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Covid Task Force of the Office of the Prime Minister.

This action deviates from the historical norm of sharing these positions with other Councillors and the spirit of partnership which is fundamental to the APNU+AFC coalition. It is necessary to note that the Personnel and Human Resource Management Committee also has not met for over eight months. Most worrisome is the fact that this has resulted in employment malpractices perpetuated by the PPP within the Council. Among other issues, this has resulted in fourteen (14) health care workers’ contracts not been renewed and two (2) nurses not being paid for several months.

Region 4 Vice Chairman, Samuel Sandy

The  deterioration of the relationship between the Chair and his Vice Chair on matters of principle approach and operations which permeates every statutory meeting has also been identified as a major source of discord that impacts negatively on the ability of the Council to function effectively.

Currently these deficiencies have resulted in several contractors not being paid for close to six months due to the failure of the Vice Chair who heads the works committee to convene meetings and sign off request in a timely manner.  This has resulted in their hard-working employees not being paid during these difficult times, caused by the PPP COVID related policies.

The AFC Region 4 Councillors recognize  that these fundamental differences in approach and operations makes it difficult for the citizens of our most populous region to receive optimal services given the current structural differences which must be solved urgently.

The Alliance For Change Region 4 councillors have also taken note of recent public statements on this issue and wish to state that no discussion with any other political party on these motions has taken place.

The Alliance For Change is keenly aware that its primary obligation is to serve the people of all communities in Guyana and to identify a progressive path that ensures the provision of better services to the residents of Region 4.

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