The psychological underpinning of our Vaccine fear 

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And with violent disrespect, the Covid Clueless and Commercial Changelings, desecrated our basic human rights, with their dehumanising decrees.

  • From this day henceforth, no one shall enter GPHC for medical care or visitation, unless with PPP vaccines or of terminal Cheyne-Stokes breathing.
  • From this day henceforth, operators of private transport shan’t enter the aforementioned vehicles for the purposes of business, unless with PPP vaccines.
  • From this day henceforth, no one shall enter Commercial Changelings business premises for the purposes of Patronising, Payback or Perverting, unless with PPP vaccines.
  • From this day henceforth, no one shall access Government Buildings to debit bills, debit bribes or debit monies, unless with PPP vaccines.

Notwithstanding, the enslaving decrees received Freedom House assent, an emancipation day irony, for which Confucius pedagogy awaited those perennially clueless.

Vaccine hesitancy 

Thereafter, the pedagogue laden with the impracticable endeavour to instruct Confucius pedagogy on vaccine hesitancy, did undertake a literature search on its psychology underpinnings. And of first revelation in this academic exploration, was the dual complexity and contextuality referenced by WHO, as definitionally illuminated same to the delayed acceptance or refusal of vaccines, despite availability of vaccine services. Unquestionably, this characterisation invalidated presumptions that vaccine procrastinators are of singularity in belief structure, for while most are birthed out of fear, a minority is delivered from the bizarre theories of anti-vaxxers.


In fact, Dr. Mohammad Razai, NIHR In-Practise Fellow at St George’s University of London, who extensively researched the psychological and social factors informing vaccine decision-making, hypothesised that the vast majority of vaccine-hesitant are without political agenda or committed to an anti-scientific cause, rather they’re simply undecided about their choice to be vaccinated.

Contextualising this hypothesis, Psychologists specialise in medical decision making, argued that choice is invariably the product of many complicating factors that must be addressed sensitively, if we’re to have the confidence of the unvaccinated.


Nonetheless, vaccine hesitancy isn’t a new phenomenon, for research models explorative of human decision making, predate Covid with the most evaluated being 5Cs, of the hereunder psychological factors,

Confidence: The person’s trust in the vaccines, the health services and the policy makers deciding on their rollout

Complacency: The consideration of whether the disease is a serious risk to their health

Calculation: The process of weighing benefits with risks.

Constraints (or convenience): Accessibility of vaccines.

Collective responsibility: The altruistic protection of others, with one’s own vaccination

Indeed, the aforementioned give credence to the proposition that the human decision making process is intricate, rather than facile as PPP trumpets, navigated by psychological factors with influences from cognitive bias; which speaks to  limitation in objective thinking stemming from the skewed interpretation of information, based on personal experiences and preferences. Most certainly, this being the research interest of Dr. Jessica Saleska, Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA, theorised that humans are of binary, albeit seemingly conflicting tendencies, when rationalising judgement- Negativity bias and optimism bias.

In fact, negativity bias is the way events beyond our control are appraised, for which negative information remain indelible in the forefront of our psyche, viz. Sputnik-V not WHO approved, the controversial middleman purchase and Sputnik-V developers lack of transparency, are all negative information on this vaccine that are imprinted in our psyche to negatively influence our decision process. Furthermore, these negative information inevitably did erode our confidence, alluded to in the 5Cs model, in the MOPH offering Covid vaccines and PPP, for the incompetent and catastrophic rollout.

But despite the obvious, PPP and their cronies as a political outfit that speak of “consequences.” For undoubtedly, their acceptance of the Covid vaccines was informed by their decision making process, underpinned by various parameters inclusive of belief structure. Yet, the unvaccinated decision making process they disregard, disparaging it as wilfully ignorant, epitomising a foolish stance.

Almost certainly, PPP should’ve given consideration to these psychological underpinnings, when developing vaccine hesitancy policies. Unfortunately, such is beyond their cognitive capabilities, for only the slavish and undemocratic big-stick brutal approaches, reminiscent of their 23yrs, they’re capable of.


But even before remedial exploration, what most certainly warrants elucidation are the factors underpinning the inevitable failure of this undemocratic big-stick modus operandi.

Firstly, PPP can surely perpetuate their disinformation but that the masses will disregard, for they know where to get their truths, with their truths trumping all other truths and can only be superseded, in their confidence.

Secondly, the masses are understandably angered with the dismissals of over 500 public servants without due process in a pandemic, the poor investigations into the political murders of the Henry boys, harassment of their relatives, politicising Covid, prioritising business quid pro quo over Covid management and enforcing unapproved vaccines. These are factors independent of Covid but are influencing vaccine decision. Then, labelling the unvaccinated as worse than Covid was most fatuous, unintelligent, stupid and cretinous, resulting in eroded confidence. Now, colluding with the Business Community in banning the vaccine fearful, surely has destroyed the minuscule of confidence. And it’s on this backdrop that PPP, if of genuine interest to gain the confidence of the unvaccinated, must give consideration to these remedies,

Firstly, PPP should aim to understand the context of the unvaccinated decisions, likely birthed out of pervasive political persecution, leading to distrust.

Further, rather than decreeing bans, PPP should address the concerns of the unvaccinated with accurate and easy-to-digest, Covid information. For this’s the academic argumentation of Dr. Sarah Jones, “I would urge governments to stop thinking they can reach the mass of niches out there with one mass-market vaccine message, and work more creatively with many effective communications partners.”

But of most importance, information should be delivered and received through open dialogue. “We have to listen to people’s concerns, acknowledge them, and give them information so they can make an informed decision,” argues Dr. Razi.

PPP smokescreen 

Certainly, this stratagem exploited by many in-troubled American Presidents, we should be wary of.

For the in-trouble President, without provocation would inexplicably awake his archenemy with bombs. Reagan. Bush. Clinton. Bush. All did. Then the media in providing 24hr coverage on the bombing excercise, a smokescreen, will redirect eyes from the President’s domestic political troubles.

We’re accelerating towards 600 Covid deaths, with over 500 in one year. But PPP installed a year ago, announced with bullhorns that Covid is a sideshow for their business quid pro quo, takes priority. And the consequence are 590 deaths with thousands infected and hospitalised. Unapproved Covid vaccines. No Public Health Measures. Political doctors employed to disinform on the increasing Covid deaths and hospitalisations.

But in time, every Guyanese would’ve had visitation from Covid, a ventilator or a crematorium which can’t be explained away, necessitating a smokescreen.

Phase-1: Pick a fight with the long-suffering masses with bans from everything, short of breathing and breeding.

The aim is to anger, precipitating protest with resulting wide media coverage

Phase-2: As Covid deaths and hospitalisations further skyrocket, PPP misinforms all, “The protestors and unvaccinated are reducing our country to a Covid cemetery.” Thus responsibility for Covid deaths, is shifted from them to the unvaccinated. But this smokescreen must be exposed with incessant reminders that this’s a PPP orchestrated Covid crisis. And as we do, the unambiguous message to PPP should be- No to smokescreens. Yes to solutions.

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