Vaccine hesitancy or vaccine fear? 

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For this analogy, linguistically outfitted in Covid jargon, is introductory of the contentious non-issue of hesitancy. Thus, to this end, structured it is to facilitate reflective thinking as established assumptions are revisited, hitherto biased.


And airborne, seated and belted you are, before which a parachute directed your way, is of many unanswered questions;

When was it last tested? Unknown


What is the safety profile? Unknown.

Where was it sourced? A middleman.

Was it internationally approved? No

And this is your false dilemma- Death or dither. In fact, an infinite number of parachutes, to broaden options, could’ve been yours. But intentionally limiting your options has created in you a false dilemma, so designed to ensure that your superior’s preferred option, is chosen. For this epitomises a false dilemma; the intentional minimising of options, forcing one to choose the superior’s preferred option.

But your superior, intent on a choice from his selected few, will gaslight you with terminology of, skydiving hesitancy. The politicians, integral to the deception, accuses you of risking many, since their lives are married to your skydive. Businessmen, ignoring the whitewashed data, ruminate that fed by their political masters. So obvious it is, they aren’t working in your best interest, for you falling trap to their false dilemma, will only benefit them.

Thus my questions, moreso for reflection rather than answers

Why were you denied varied viable options?

Can a false dilemma, of no viable option, benefit you?

From the aforementioned, are you of the skydive hesitant or fearful categorisation?


And America, the land of the free and home of the brave has once again reminded the world that cerebral matter they have been deprived. For in Trump the MAGA trust, even as he bullishly walks them enchained, to the Covid slaughterhouse. But such they are blinded, for only melanated skin, they ever visualise.

In fact, their foolery is beyond foolish, as vaccines of excellent data were delivered to their eyes. For Pfizer, of par-excellence efficacy and safety profiles, in which 98% is unheard of, was developed from novel mRNA technology.

Indeed, Moderna of the similar lineage, is worthy of your contemplation. For if vaccines were of olympics, both these mRNA would’ve struck gold. And gold it is, for these Olympians have effortlessly cleared the delta hurdle, even as options were further broadened with J&J, a World Champion of Covid vaccines.

And this the best three, the Retrumplicans were presented, packaged and delivered in an information chest of data, to guide their risk-benefit analysis. But this the conspiracy theorists rejected, as they concocted scandalous conspiracies of the Sensibil and Stupidibill genre.

But Joe with Jacket decided on dressing transparent, not of literal interpretation. For transparency brought to their eyes what we see- 99% of the American Covid hospitalised are unvaccinated. But despite being impregnated with information along with the Covid vaccines creme de la creme, they have denied, delayed, dithered and died.

So of the jury, I query,

Were the Americans, of three best vaccines and data, forced into a false dilemma?

Are they guilty of vaccine hesitancy?


Then to the Covid politicising capital we venture, where Covid is a heavy burden for the Covid smart and surely an anchored concretise mass for the Covid clueless. But before attributing such characterisations, vaccines demand further deconstruction.

Factually, their vaccine is of Russian pedigree. Of incomplete trials data. Efficacy buried in Russian snow. Safety left to chance. And thus far we speak to the wild-type Covid, for Sputnik-V is untested against the deadly variants. But even as we allude to Sputnik-V, purchased from a middleman, must be considered in any risk-benefit analysis.

Granted, recollection must be yours of the WHO approval application which sunk faster than the titanic, after unavoidably colliding with a WHO iceberg. For the WHO approval checklist is as clear as Russian vodka.

Name of vaccine


Pharmaceutical company

Date of development

Mechanism of action

Trials data: No response

Trials data: No response

Trials data: No response

And with three unanswered trial data request, WHO rightly relegated Sputnik-V application to the tentatively rejected.

In fact, this we are aware of, the totality of unknowns and unpleasant knowns, which underpinned our reasoned decision to take our chances with the known Covid than with the unknown Sputnik-V.

Consequently, in their trickery of false dilemma are moaning “Vaccine hesitancy,” for which the business community, of more dollars than braincells, joined the Cacophonous Choir of Covid Cash-ins

And to the jury,

By disregarding better vaccines options, has Freedom House provided us a false dilemma?

And from this false dilemma, can it be ascertained what’s their preferred vaccine option?

Now can you appreciate the role of the Business community in enforcing the false dilemma?

Further, are we vaccine hesitant or vaccine fearful of what we’ve heard and haven’t heard, of Sputnik-V?

Finally, can WHO approved vaccines mitigate against said false dilemma, by breaking down the fear barrier to vaccination?

WHO vaccine hesitancy

And this guidance I must provide, extracted and delivered from WHO, in their handbook titled, “Vaccine hesitancy, what it means and what we need to know in order to tackle it.” And from perusal, three points are apropos;

Vaccine hesitancy refers to delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccine services.

It is complex and context specific, varying across time, place and vaccines.

It is influence by factors such as complacency, convenience and confidence.

Firstly, critical it is to correctly diagnose the ailment before recommending curative remedy, an area the Freedom House clueless failed.

And WHO establishing that vaccine hesitancy is complex and contextual, implies a comprehensive and contextual plan is required, to remedy it.

Therefore, rather than adapting the simplistic position of assuming the fearful many are vaccine obstructive, the Freedom House clueless should develop a comprehensive strategy, starting with a survey of the unvaccinated communities, to better understand their fears.

Further, contextualisation speaks to specificity of circumstances, therefore brainlessly plagiarising America’s vaccination enforcing policy, rather than developing one which reflects our set of unique circumstances, will certainly fail.

Furthermore, labelling the vaccine fearful or even making threats, the nature of the Lewd Showman social media emesis, will not solve but only exacerbate the problem. Neither will casting blame, for the totality of blame should be at the Freedom House clueless doorsteps.

But admit I must, that these are troubling times, hence my sincere gratitude to the Vaccine Hesitancy Court, for availing itself.

Thus to this court I proffer, that examination of the evidence, could only lead to one conclusion- Our vaccine fearful need WHO vaccines and not insensitive labels from the cohort of incompetently clueless buffoons and their business community sycophants.

And with this I humbly rest my case, providing the dishonourable persecutors the legal stage, as we our seats, baring our arms for only WHO approved vaccines.


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