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Who doesn’t like a clean home? But a clean house if not tidy or messy the cleanliness of the home does not shine through. Having things all over the place is a no no to a clean and tidy home. A clean home is also an organised home.

It is like waking up in the morning and leaving that bed unmade in a clean bedroom. That room when you return to it will not feel inviting not because it is not clean but because it is untidy- the bed was not made, clothes thrown around, a wet towel on the bed, the vanity messy. What about waking to a kitchen with the dishes in the sink, even if the floor was swept or mopped clean? Something about it doesn’t feel or look right.

In the Guyanese household pride is taken in keeping the home clean and tidy. Based on the state of one’s home to other Guyanese who may walk into your home, it is the difference between whether you are seen as clean or untidy (nasty), well brought up or dragged up. A clean and tidy home is pleasing to the senses- it makes the home feel inviting and warm.

Cleanliness comes with tidiness and being organised. Admittedly people are living more busy lives, especially in North America where many are on the go and commute for longer hours. With this comes tiredness and sometimes house cleaning could fall by the wayside or there is a promise to get it done but never being really able to.


We could try to never be too tired to ignore how rewarding it is to have a clean and tidy home. When we go to work and before leaving efforts are made to ensure our desks and surrounding areas are clean and organised. We do it for the employer. Why not do it too for our home.  Take a listen to ten simple habits to ensure an organised home. Happy tidying up.

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