This Granger apologist, Andre Belgrave is wrong 

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Dear editor,

Please permit me space in your letter column to respond to a narrative by one Andre Belgrave. But before I do, assuming permission, the Andre Belgrave in question claimed not to be affiliated with any political party.

Anyway, I must thank Mr. Belgrave for making his contribution to this debate, albeit belatedly which provided him more than enough time to arrive at a narrative to fit the publicly available information. But undebatable, is my narrative being nearly a year old, predating publicly available information.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Belgrave has an emotional bond with Mr. Granger, evident in his statement that persons were expressing their opinions on his birthday. The fact is, if Mr. Granger hadn’t wanted such public expressions on his birthday then he should have mandated that while he was President.
Then Mr. Belgrave argued that evil persons in the party were trying to take Mr. Granger down a dangerous. Certainly, Mr. Belgrave failed to recognise that politics by its nature is dangerous. And from that proposition, I would argue that Mr. Granger was being taken down the political path which he resisted because of his religion.
Further, Mr. Belgrave having gathered information, not established facts, in the public domain to concoct a narrative of Mr. Williams and Mrs. Lawrence mismanaging Region 4, among other evil deeds. But even the most cretinous among of us would recognise that this is narrative fabricated to suit publicly available information. Hence such must be resigned to the political dustbin.


Then the nonsense argument that Mr. Granger was lied to during the declaration process hence to maintain his integrity and honesty, he ignored the people who voted for him, in initiating a recount. This argument is not only brainless but total nonsense. Firstly, the statutory body to provide Mr. Granger the legal results of the election is GECOM. Secondly, the fact that Mr. Granger made a decision on recount before being provided results from GECOM, is absolutely ridiculous. How the hell could he have demanded a recount without a legal count? He could only have demanded a recount if GECOM had provided him a count. My credible sources informed me, long before GECOM declaration that Mr. Granger was refusing the winning final declaration since Region 4 declarations were not consistent with his religious integrity and honesty nonsense. What fools like Mr. Belgrave failed to recognise is that people have lost more than their integrity and honesty in politics. If that is so important to Mr. Granger then he should have become a High Priest. Further, since Granger’s selfish act, many have lost more than their honesty and integrity. The Henry boys would have given up that for their lives. The over 500 public servants have lost more than their honesty and integrity. Stop talking nonsense for as you speak over 500 Covid patients have lost more than their honesty and integrity. Honest and integrity is absolute nonsense. Give me a job and life over the foolery of honesty and integrity.

And shockingly this Belgrave fella foolishly stated that Mr. Granger “was not aware of what was going on in his camp.” I wonder if he is aware now? If he is re-elected, would he be aware then?

My position is simple. When you are elected by the people to serve in public office, you should serve the people. I careless about integrity and honesty, it is about the people. And at no point in this missive has the leader of Granger pantomime expressed concerns for the suffering of the people. At no point has he expressed concerns for the thousands who were protesting on the streets only to be greeted by Granger’s actions. At no point has he expressed an apology for Granger’s selfish actions after the election. At no point has he explained why Granger treated the people like garbage as he released a scrappy piece of paper with a long list of people he has confidence in, except the people who voted for him. But surely, this Granger sycophant and apologist would argue that Mr. Granger made a national address to his people on August 2nd, but it was deleted from our memory by the evil twin Volda and Basil.
Surely, this character is as clueless as the characters in PPP. He should stay out of politics for politics is not for the weak who are worried about their integrity and honesty. Politics is about winning. Winning by any means necessary. But surely a good MC he is and should stick to that with Granger as his sidekick.

Dr Mark Devonish MBBS MSc. Med. Ed. FRCP(Edin)  FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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