Viewpoint | Discontent with David Granger is more pervasive than he publicly admits

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As Mr. David Granger faces the challenge to his leadership within his party, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), both sides are making claim to justify their position either for or against. In last Friday’s “Public Interest” broadcast Mr. Granger presented an argument suggesting that the challenge he faces in the party is “from a small group” creating an illusion that people are upset with him. It is either Mr. Granger is in oblivion or has placed himself in a mental state of denial in order to feel comfortable with the rising surge of dissent to his leadership. This has not been unknown for years.

And though they may have been a few who may have been highly critical of him, Mr. Granger would be fooling himself and the listenership/readership that a significant number of the Central Executive, members, supporters and friends of the Party has not found his leadership to be very dissatisfying, autocratic and lacking in understanding of the pulse around him. It is almost as if he is in a cocoon all alone, unreachable and unbothered.

There is no question as to him making a few achievements in government. All governments, without question, have that record. Compare to the evil of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and given our polarised politics many will not embrace this reality. The party of which he leads has a track record of progressive democracy and respecting freedom of speech and right to participation at all levels. Mr. Granger has done his best to undermine these fundamental party values and practices. He remains disconnect with the pains of the masses.

We cannot build a democratic nation unless we embrace and live those fundamental tenets of democracy in whatever party we identify with.  We cannot be upset with the PPP supporters not standing up to their leaders, not standing with truth when we nor our readers set the tone for such truths to be the hallmark of our behaviour, our politics, our nation. It is far from the truth that we fight our own but not the other (political rivals).


Are persons thinking about context before they support such statements or are they just as reckless supporting and   mouthing statements that sound nice but intended to deceive and make them feel guilty for defending the party they love.  We must question whether such statements are made to get sympathisers. or being used as a wolf whistle? Truth seems to elude us or is becoming sacrificed in the political struggle against a leader who seems able to get persons to sacrifice their integrity without pricking their conscience.

These misrepresentations and distortions are signs of how much we as individuals can become corrupted if we don’t see public service as a duty of honour to be executed with wholesomeness and less selfishness. Or personal aggrandisement.  This entire struggle to use the rules of the game is becoming more sinister when we see persons betray themselves. What we are seeing is Trumpian and bad on any level.  It should make persons more determined to stop the downward trend now.

Persons not perceived to be willing to fight against the PPP/C but willing to tear down Granger is a sickening untruth.   It’s all about leadership that is lacking at the helm.  Use the 2020 elections as an example of Mr. Granger giving no leadership when persons were willing to stand up for democracy, literally and figuratively. Look at the Henry boys’ saga. Where was his leadership and what happened to quelch a resistance to wrongs that was bubbling?

What happened when people like James Bond, Eddie Collins, Winston Felix and a host of other PNCR members got pellets in their backs?  They were ready to stand as a force against the PPP/C but the leadership failed them. People were left lost and rudderless by a leader who provided no leadership, who seems incapable of. What happened to workers who suffered because of lack of added political will? Sugar workers never lacked political back up. What happened to holding the PPP/C accountable for all the extrajudicial killings, death squads, etc.? The leadership did nothing when they got into office.

Understandably Mr. Granger has endeared himself to some, promising to hand the party over to youth when he initially marginalised our young leaders and squashed their dreams, voices and spirit. Whilst he tries to lay blame at the feet of others for what is happening many know that he cannot be reached, he cannot be spoken with, and many are not comfortable approaching him because of his withdrawn aloofness. These sentiments have been expressed by all and sundry. The truth is top political leadership continues to fail us. Let’s be honest and call the spade we see…A Spade.

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