No second chance for the ‘high priest’

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From a tender age, Christianity was inculcated into my incorporeal being, starting and evolving through childhood to adulthood. And through this pilgrimage, two evolutionary facets were salient;

My religiosity transitioned spiritual faith to biblical inquisition.

The selfless narrative of Christ becoming my paradigm against which leadership is judged.

A Mayor. A bigot 


And this’s apposite for a friend who craved Mayorship, which was realised with the votes of Christians. Hindus. Rastafarians. Muslims. Homosexuals. Heterosexuals. And Mayorship begat sash, smart suits, chauffeur, and memory restoration. Moreover, remedied amnesia reminded him that his faith infused jurisdiction to adjudicate on private matters of the bedroom, for which fornicating was forgivable. Adulterers redeemable. But homosexuality warranted spiritual trials. For the very gays who elevated him to office, presented soliciting an audience, but the Holy Mayorship refused indulgence of such.

Then an unambiguously racist act was authored and narrated by an Indian man. For dollars he positioned on the university walkway, and discriminatingly characterised it as bait for thieving black hands. Indeed, many saw and many angered, including my friend. But despite subsetting the anger counted, chastisement I directed at the multitude who were baying for the young man’s head, for guilty they’re of discriminating gays. Discriminating disabled. Discriminating women. Discriminating all. For in my eyes, moral authority wasn’t theirs, to judge that racist man until such time that they recognise discrimination isn’t only registered, when it’s directed at black skins.

But things came to a head when a ex-convict, who transitioned Saul to Paul, publicly undressed his bigotry. For November 2019, of many road traffic accidents, was deadly. But the ex-convict having been exalted to divine status, pronounced that devilish Hinduism was causative of our streets being awash with blood and bodies. And surely, such bigotry wasn’t overlooked, with my condemnation, expeditiously and forcefully, ladened the false prophet. Unsurprisingly, that angered the former Mayor, thus relegated I was to anti-Christian and anti-Black. But reflection I did, that our religious belief is personal, which defines our secular society.

Pious Granger

And Mr. Granger we did support, for he was delivered weightless of political baggage, but for a political rally, that I was inclined to revisit. For him being the guest speaker was interrupted by marijuana aroma, mandating him rebuking the “herbalist” to out that “thing.” But ironical it’s, that Mr. Granger’s 2015 manifesto, spoke to legalising marijuana.

And that experience did awaken my reflective spirit, on his leadership style and perfect heaven destined image. And inescapable in this reflection were the weekly photographs of him prayerful on his knees. But those spiritual carpet burns stood testimony to the minimal time he spent on his feet, defending his people. For Albouystown he’s in absentia. Tiger Bay he’s in absentia. Sophia he’s in absentia. Lodge he’s in absentia. But for their inked index fingers the elitist is, in propia personia.

Granger failed us  

And our 2020 elections were protracted being oil branded Regime Change, by external forces. For the courts were prematurely sought, as Region-4 was recounted under the spotlight of consequential orders. And with ten legal declarations the constitution needed no clarification, for it directs general declarations, parties declarations then Presidential swearing in.

But as Mr. Mingo tabulated in terror, word sought my ears that Mr. Granger repudiated the most scrutinised tabulation. And this I did doubt until word filtered that The High Priest wasn’t duly apprised that he is leading a political party and not a church.Thus the disciples questioned, for which The High Priest denied declarations were ever placed in his offering-box.

But a rational person in Mr. Granger’s position, where ten declarations provided a win but GECOM rather than follow the constitution went for recount, would have rejected such an unconstitutional act. And legal remedy would’ve been sought, demanding GECOM be constitution compliant. But Mr. Granger never did, rather he secretly engaged Caricom, initiating a recount without consulting the people who elected him, GECOM or his party. And this provided clarity, if it were even needed, that in the eyes of the Pious-1, Region-4 declaration was impious.

But what underpinned The High Priest repudiation? Unquestionably, perception was his that Region-4 declaration stood to desecrate his spiritual being, for which hell would’ve awaited. Whereas, Jagdeo took in his fold the very numbers when offered, for he knew the only people that will experience hell, are us.

But most germane, President Obama, a Christian did more drone killings than any US President. He legalised transsexual and gays in the military. He exterminated Osama Bin Laden. Those he did, for Commander in Chief and not his Christian hat, he adorned. Separation of politics from religion.

Then this day we shan’t forget. For it registered 2nd August 2020 and GECOM was in impasse. The CEO, Mr Lowenfield was resisting invalid votes, while thousands protested that Mr. Granger be sworn in. Then Justice Singh, GECOM Chairwoman called upon Mr. Granger and Jagdeo to lubricate the process. Mr Granger’s presented a platinum redemption opportunity, but did the unthinkable in instructing PPP declaration. His protesting supporters, were in the dark, but painfully the swearing in illuminated their teary eyes. And even as they grieve, Granger lacerated their wounds with a scrappy piece of paper, devoid of any words of commiseration. In Justice Singh I trust. In the political courts I trust. In the Caricom recount I trust. In his eyes, his supporters could go to hell, for which they now live.

But a year counted, awaiting explanations. Now the consequences we live and die, as his people and party comrades are under attack, but unbothered he is. But then the attacks visited him, and the best lawyers were called on, to shield his image. For protecting his image took precedence over protecting our lives and jobs.


But Christianity speaks to the life of Christ. And the life of Christ is one of standing on his feet, not perennially on his knees, empowering his people. The life of Christ is one of admonishing the Scribes and Pharisees, who made their religious lives a publicity show. And many such Scribes and Pharisees are among us, displaying their spirituality on social media, with hands on their heads or they on their knees. For Christianity is one where the spiritual right hand is unaware of what spiritual left is doing. And the life of Christ is one where he wouldn’t have been secured in a mansion, while his disciples are being nailed to crosses. For Christ was selflessly nailed to that cross, then speared in his loin while being spat on and insulted, for his people. Granger is none of those, he is all about a show, not dissimilar to the Scribes and Pharisees, calling on CARICOM to publicly demonstrate his piousness. Woe be unto him.

No second chance

And now he’s after a second chance despite denying us, more expeditiously than Apostle Peter. But the reasons we see. We’ve worked him out. We’ve recognised that he sold us down the river. We’ve recognised that it’s always about him. We’ve recognised that in his bid to secure his heavenly position, he relegated us to hell under PPP. Thus in his eyes, his perfect image is tarnish, mandating restoration. That’s what his second chance is about. Don’t be fooled

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